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Just Two Months After Its Launch In Korea, Torhop’s Saunan Heating Salt Mask Becomes A Top Seller

This special dirt-removal salt mask is especially popular among K-Beauty consumers.

 Torhop is a popular wash-off mask manufacturing company located in Seoul, Korea. The company was established in 2021. They recently launched the Saunan Heating Salt Mask, which is also known as the Sauna Heating Salt Mask or Saunan Heat Salt Mask. Within two months of its launch, it became the most-searched wash-off mask on Korea’s largest portal site, Naver- a South Korean online platform operated by the Naver Corporation. K-beauty consumers are especially fond of the Saunan Heating Salt Mask, referring to it on social media as “The Ultimate Dirt Removal Mask.”

Korean consumers in general are tough to please. They are constantly looking for better and high-quality products, even more so in the beauty industry, which has driven the K-beauty boom across the world. In this challenging market, Torhop quickly established itself as an authority within two months with the launch of its Sauna Heat Salt Mask.

What makes the Torhop Saunan Heating Salt Mask so effective is its unique heating system that is applied to this special salt mask. A spokesperson from the company explained, “To understand the formula we use to make our salt mask, first one needs to learn about the Finnish sauna. Basically, the sauna is about heating. When the temperature rises in a small room, your skin temperature rises, and sweating occurs to cool the body. In this process, the moisture accumulated in your muscles goes to the blood for hydration, and waste is removed from your body.

The CEO of Torhop added, “Torhop discovers something special from ‘the sauna’, the Finnish traditional steam bath in Novgorod where the history of sauna began about 2,000 years ago. We have developed our Saunan Heating Salt Mask based on the Finnish heritage of sauna and salt, along with its heating system. It is the power of heat and salt together that makes our products so effective. With Torhop we are bringing the same formula to our customers. ”

Based on the principles of sauna, Torhop developed the Saunan Heating Salt Mask through joint research and development with Kolmar, which got a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certification for the first time in Korea.

Salt is an integral part of a sauna. If a person rubs salt on their skin while in a sauna, it sterilizes and disinfects the skin. The osmotic action helps reduce swelling and remove dirt from the pores, which makes the skin smoother. It is the best way to eliminate toxins from the body. The high temperature in a sauna causes heavy sweating and opens up the pores, allowing a person to sweat out toxins hidden in their pores. As a result, toxins are removed from the skin, pores are minimized, and the skin becomes softer.

Users of the Torhop’s Saunan Heating Salt Mask have reported that the mask effectively removes dirt from deep under the skin and helps get smoother skin almost immediately. As soon as one applies the product to the skin, the person will feel like they’re in a Finnish sauna.

It’s a natural scrub that contains salt and soft sugar, which are good for exfoliation, and Finnish blueberry extract and birch sap, which help soothe and moisturize your skin. It also has five kinds of seaweed, such as Bladderwrack extract and Chlorella Vulgaris extract, which boosts sebum absorption.

Torhop’s Saunan Heating Salt Mask efficacy was proven through final thermal tests and hypo-allergenic tests and is available globally on Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Rakuten, and Q10.

Interested people who want to learn more about Torhop’s Saunan Heating Salt Mask can visit their official website or check their store on Amazon.

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