Jumping & Dumping, the World’s First Cryptocurrency Variety Show, to Start Filming for Part 2 (Pumping Game) on the Use of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Last week, the cryptocurrency variety show “Jumping & Dumping” publicly shared still cut images for the filming of its drama portion of the show, “Age of Money”.  On May 15, Jumping & Dumping will begin filming part 2 of the show (“Pumping Game”) on the set of a cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the official website of KPlay contents, Jumping & Dumping is a variety show centered around the subject matter of cryptocurrency that will take a deep dive into the history of legal currency and emergence of digital currency (i.e. cryptocurrency).  Part 1 (Age of Money) is comprised of short historical drama and lecture program, while part 2 (Pumping Game) will display actual and live cryptocurrency trading between participants in the show.

Currently, South Korea is the center of cryptocurrency world as it has one of the highest cryptocurrency trading volume in the globe.  Also, it is in a more advanced stage than other nations, in terms of receiving support from its national government as South Korea is moving towards in adopting cryptocurrency as part of its system and infrastructure.  With the Hallyu momentum, the president of KPlay Contents (Lee Ki Joong) stated that its production of the world’s first cryptocurrency variety show Jumping & Dumping is focused on “delivering sound knowledge and information about cryptocurrency to the viewing audience, namely, how to use exchanges, how to avoid being victims of fraud and mere conjecture, in order to create many more efficient cryptocurrency users.”

Part 2 of Jumping & Dumping (Pumping Game) will include the cast from Part 1, including Lim Ho, Park Yeon su, Kang Ye Bin, Kim Myung Soo and Yang Seung Won. Further, Part 2 will include famous social media influencers, such as Lee Eun Ji, to add excitement to the program.

At its recent script reading session, president of Youa Group (Han Il Nam), the investor of the show, stated that it sent official letters of cooperation to UpBit, Bithumb and CoinOne, for the reason not limited to being the top three exchanges in South Korea, but also for the reason of having the reputation as being the most reliable and safest in the industry.  As Jumping & Dumping values anti-fraud and reliability, those exchanges was obviously a natural choice to be part of the program.  In order to have constant delivery of content material, Han Il Nam also stated that it sent out similar letters to other world renowned exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance, OKEX, Huobi, BHEX and ChainUP.  Therefore, he asked for understanding from the viewing audience, in the event that an exchange from South Korea is not included as part of the program.  For purpose of transparency, Jumping & Dumping is not currently being sponsored by any company or project.

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