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“Jumping Dumping: Pumping Game”, Crypto-Entertainment Variety Show, Filming Complete (to air on end of May)

On May 16, the production and filming for part 2 of Jumping & Dumping (“Pumping Game”) was completed.

Jumping & Dumping is a crypto-centered entertainment variety show that fully explains the hot and trendy topic of cryptocurrency to potential crypto investors and users, in order to provide general guidelines thereof.

Jumping & Dumping is not one of those laissez faire financial shows that simply give viewers few tips on how to invest. Jumping & Dumping comprises of talk show (part 1), where blockchain expert Kim Seung-joo (professor from Korea University School of Informatics) acts as a mentor to the viewers by providing base knowledge on how to make wise decisions in cryptocurrency investment. Part 2 (Pumping Game), on the other hand, is in a game format, where participants directly experience and learn about cryptocurrency trading. This unique combination module will be both informative and exciting to the viewers.

Pumping Game features cast members from part 1 of the show, such as Lim Ho, Park Yeon-su, Kang Ye-bin, Kim Myeong-su, Yang Seung-won, Choi Seon-ryang, and Jeon Hee-ra. Influencers (i.e. Lee Eun-ji, Song Ji-hye and Joel) participated in the crypto trading game as well.

Via Pumping Game, the cast members (who are beginners in the crypto world) are able to experience first hand about cryptocurrency trading, including mistakes and errors that are frequented by cryptocurrency traders/investors around the world. The fierce contest between participants is projected to bring flavor and laughter to the show.

The president of K-Play Contents, the production entity of the show, Lee Ki-joong stated “we hope this show will be a bible to many viewers around the world as a foundation for knowledge and know-how about cryptocurrency investment.”

Also, the set of Jumping & Dumping was a starting point for Pumping Time Festival as influencers (such as Lee Eun-ji) took time from their break to shoot promotional videos on various social media platforms, such as TikTok.

“Jumping & Dumping: Pumping Game” will start airing valuable information, such as how to sign up for exchanges and how to invest wisely (and not rely on conjecture and blind faith), on OTT platforms at the end of month.

For more information visit the official website here.

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