Julius Paul Montgomery – Enabling Benefits For Society Through Education

Enabling Benefits For Society Through EducationNo other factor is as important or intrinsic to a society’s growth when it comes to education. Other factors may work as factors that keep society moving, but education can transform society and help evolve it to a more prosperous level. Progress is impossible without bringing focus to the education sector. A well-educated citizenry can help their country break out of profoundly debilitating circumstances. In contrast, a populace that is not better educated cannot help their country beyond a certain point. Providing good education to members of society certainly pays off in dividends. Better education helps a society find individuals that can work to help it become better. And with education come the future educators who will be able to further the education prospects of society. Better education also seems to breed better leaders in society. And better leadership can be a boon that is coveted by all societies.

When a person is armed with better education, they can better their circumstances and create opportunities for others, ultimately working towards the betterment of their entire society. An educated person can rationalize their thoughts and find solutions in tougher situations. They are better at making decisions and can understand challenges better. A lack of education can make situations worse, as an uneducated person would fail to realize that the solution required to get out of the situation may be right there, but they cannot grasp it. A society with uneducated individuals not only can create issues but also is unable to face the challenges of the modern era. Challenges like lack of opportunities, food, basic societal infrastructure, and policymaking are certainly out of the scope of a society that cannot educate its members.

Educators’ important role in bettering their society can not be denied. These individuals take a keen interest in the betterment of their fellow citizens and seek to create opportunities that will enable more chances for them to gain an education. These educators can play an important role, especially in terms of helping the at-risk sections of society. The at-risk sections of the society need special attention in terms of basic services, like the right to get educated. And the betterment of the at-risk section of society lies intrinsically in getting its members educated. There are many individuals today who are working towards attaining this important goal. One such individual is Julius Paul Montgomery. 

Julius Paul Montgomery was born on July 19, 1941, in Clermont, Florida. He has dedicated his entire life to serving his country. He has served the United States Army, with a distinguished career that spanned 21 years. Julius joined the US Army in 1959 and served till 1980. During his 21 years period, he served in various positions in the Army. He was deployed in Vietnam as an Operations Sergeant for a combat tank company. He was responsible for providing directions during combat operations, which required coordinating with helicopters, engineers, infantry, and other combat factors. His tank company was honored as Vietnam’s number one tank company and received a Presidential Unit Citation.

After Vietnam, Julius was redeployed with other responsibilities as an Army Operations Sergeant in South Korea on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. As a Senior Noncommissioned Officer, he also served as the operations sergeant for a top-secret nuclear program directly linked to Washington.

Later, Julius served as an Army Recruiter and was subsequently promoted to become an Army Recruitment Supervisor. While serving in this position, he created strong connections with several individuals, community groups, schools, and students. He not only became a successful recruiter but also developed an interest and passion for helping youth become successful and do something for their community.

Retirement didn’t deter him either, and he refocused his energies on doing something for the society that enabled him to get this far. Julius today provides quality educational exposure to the at-risk youth of his community so they have access to better opportunities, thus being able to make their future bright. And to enable this, Julius created Hero’s Club, a non-profit organization that provides education to young adults from high-risk communities. Julius founded Hero’s Club on June 19, 2019, aiming to empower the at-risk youth of the society to face challenges head-on, and transform them into contributing citizens.

Julius achieves this target by collaborating with volunteers that work towards providing mentorship to the students with the help of heroes in the community. The Hero’s Club campaign is intrinsically volunteer and donations-based, and helps to develop communities through education.

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