JuiceBox 40 EV Charger Review: Fast and Convenient Level 2 Charging

JuiceBox 40 EV Charger Review

Juicebox 40 EV charger is listed among the best working level 2 charging stations that let every kind of electric vehicle have a convenient and fast charging experience. Juicebox 40 has succeeded in getting significant popularity in the market in a very small time just because of having smart capabilities, high charging power and compatibility with different EVs. 

Every EV owner now prefers juicebox 40 as a charger for their electric vehicles and is enjoying a perfect charging experience now. Today’s article covers the basic aspects of juicebox ev charger review including data like the main features provided by this charger and the basic things about this charger that most people don’t know. 

Starting With JuiceBox 40 EV Charger Basics

One of the level 2 charging stations designed for electric vehicles named juicebox 40 EV charger is in great demand in the market. We all know that fast charging and convenience offered by level 2 chargers are not found in level 1 charging stations hence EV owners are gradually moving towards juicebox 40 ev charging stations. 

You will be given an efficient way to charge your EV easily. Being a fast and reliable charging solution for EV owners, juicebox 40 EV charger is providing maximum charging power of 40 amps therefore it is named as juicebox 40 ev charger. About 240 Volts voltage is required to operate this charger as the same voltage is found in commercial and residential electrical systems.

Because of having high charging power, these chargers offer faster charging as compared to the other level 1 charging stations. In this way, your electric vehicle will charge more efficiently and you don’t have to wait much for charging. This feature made juicebox chargers the priority of every electric vehicle’s owner. 

Benefits Of JuiceBox 40 EV Charger 

A variety of benefits are being offered by juicebox 40 EV chargers and these benefits contribute to enhancing the charging experience provided to EV owners. Some of the benefits provided by juicebox 40 EV charger are mentioned below:

Power Output

The power output of any vehicle is measured in kilowatts and tells how quickly your vehicle will be charged. About 40 kilowatts of power is provided by juicebox and this means only a few hours will be needed to charge your electric vehicle. Therefore it is suggested to keep in mind while purchasing an EV charger that the charging capabilities of the charger must be excellent. 


This charger provides the facility to be connected to the home’s wifi network and in this way, you can easily control as well as monitor the charger from your computer at any time. Hence, it is always suggested to move ahead with a charger that has a user-friendly app so that you can easily schedule the charging time and can also track the charging progress of your vehicle. 

Safety Options

There will be no compromise over safety when it comes to juicebox 40 EV charger. Several pieces of equipment like ground fault circuit interrupters are offered by this charger so that it can be protected from electrical faults. In addition to it, advanced safety measures are also present so that overheating and overcharging can be controlled. 


Compatibility has been the most prominent feature of juicebox 40 EV charger. No matter what kind of electric vehicle you own, this charger will work best for your vehicle. You can easily connect any major electric vehicle model with the charger and it can also be used with 120-volt outlets as well as 240-volt outlets. 

Charging Power

Juicebox 40 ev charger can adjust automatically and provide only the amount of power required by the electric vehicle. You can charge your electric vehicle with 40 amps that is considered as a standard power output provided by a charger. 

Drawbacks Of Juice 40 EV Charger 

Now, you have come to know about the unlimited features of juicebox 40 EV charger, you must be thinking that this charger is full of benefits and have no limitation. But that’s not true, there is nothing perfect in the world and everything has at least one drawback. 

Similarly, there are a few drawbacks of juicebox ev charging station but they are covered by its features very nicely. 

  • You may get confused while setting up the charger but if you understand the system completely then there will be no complexity. 
  • The provided mounted system is a bit insecure.
  • If you want to connect the charger with the house Wi-fi then you may have to face some difficulty as it’s a bit tricky process. 

Sum Up

If you want level 2 charging then a convenient, fast and reliable charging solution is here for you which is the juicebox 40 EV charger. The smart capabilities, safety options and high compatibility option has made juicebox a well popular and effective choice for electric vehicle owners. 

No matter where you want to install the charger whether in a commercial area or at home, an easy installation will be offered and you will be satisfied with the working of this amazing charging station. In simple words, no one can deny the statement that juicebox 40 EV charger is the best companion for EV owners. 

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