JPEX is Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry With Physical Cards

While the crypto industry is exceptionally volatile, most investors still consider the market highly rewarding. In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of crypto users, from 7.95% in 2018 to over 23.19% in 2021 [in the US]. Although we’ve witnessed significant growth, the crypto market, when juxtaposed with traditional financial institutions, is comparatively small, thus leaving ample room for present and future development. 

The absence of adequate, friendly, and reliable infrastructures to drive the trillion-dollar crypto market is one of the few problems limiting the industry’s growth. This absence creates a high entry barrier for prospective investors looking to segue from traditional finance to digital assets.

A few platforms aim to cater to this growing need; the JPEX crypto trading and exchange platform is one. 

The JPEX Physical Cards 

JPEX, a renowned digital assets trading platform, in partnership with Simplex by Nuvei—a leading global fiat/crypto gateway provider—has built and subsequently released a fiat-to-crypto gateway. JPEX aims to deliver an ideal crypto portal solution that enables users like yourself to acquire virtual assets with credit and debit cards. The card release is in harmony with JPEX’s objective to dispel the high entry barrier, allowing more traditional finance investors to enter the digital assets market. 

Through the Simplex by Nuvei infrastructure, JPEX will use these debit cards as an avenue to create a crypto-fiat gateway. The solution will not only allow you to purchase crypto assets with your cards seamlessly but will support cryptocurrencies offramps services. Additionally, they will drive worldwide crypto adoption.

After finalizing the processes and details, JPEX and Simplex by Nuvei will release these physical cards before next year. Potential card owners can register for these physical cards in Q4 of 2022. These cards are available in EEA and the UK only, according to Simplex. 

A Partnership Aimed at Driving Crypto Adoption Globally 

The collaboration between these innovative brands will benefit the budding cryptocurrency space. Simplex by Nuvei is committed to reshaping the incumbent market by introducing highly secure, safe, and reliable mediums to convert a hundred fiat currencies into digital assets. In addition, the platform has supported emerging protocols to expand investors’ crypto-holding portfolios strongly. JPEX, on the other hand, is committed to providing quality trading depths, spot options, and impressive hedging products. The RedHare NFTs—an asset-based token index—created to shield you from a mammoth of cryptocurrency trading risks is one example. 

As a pioneer cryptocurrency trading platform in the emerging Asian market, JPEX aims to deliver sublime and efficient crypto products worldwide, this is evident in the number of partnerships and collaborations entered over 12 months. JPEX has ventured into the world of soccer, partnering with football teams like Western Sydney Wanderers, MacArthur FC, and Western United. And recently, the digital assets bank has taken an active role in the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup, scheduled to kick off in November. 

This partnership to create and release physical debit cards will see the platform onboard more users, support the usage of cryptocurrencies as payment options for items, and foster worldwide crypto adoption one step at a time.


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