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Josh Tyler, Creator of GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT Discusses AI Generated Content  

Portland, Oregon–The world today is being rapidly transformed by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI technology is revolutionizing the way in which people work, play, and interact with one another, from healthcare and education to transportation and communication. AI is being used in a variety of fields in hopes of automating tasks, improving efficiency, and generating insights that could potentially help to drive innovation and growth. As AI becomes increasingly more powerful, its potential to interact with everyday lives is growing exponentially.

Josh Tyler, an entrepreneur and founder of several platforms, including Giant Freakin Robot, Tell Me Best, and Walk Big, has gone on record discussing his thoughts and feelings about the global use of AI, and how utilizing this tool may not be as ethically sound as one may think. 

“Much of the content being written by AI’s is plagiarized,” Josh says. “Not in the traditional sense where they’re stealing whole sentences, but more in a tangential sense where it takes your sentence and then runs parallel to it.” The creator and entrepreneur also goes on to say that AI bots tend to take something that already exists and change just enough, so that it can seem unique. 

Josh’s news and opinion site, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT is currently one of the top 4,000 most visited websites in the world, and no thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence. The website, which focuses not only on entertainment but also on other important topics like science and technology, is fueled by a team of writers, developers, and other content creators. “Until the plagiarism problem is fixed…you’ll never see AI generated content on any of my websites,” Josh expresses.

AI has recently made huge waves in the art community as well, with platforms such as Lensa and Prequel taking a handful of photos and generating content in various art styles. Many individuals found faults within this system, as some even claimed plagiarism of their original artworks. 

Through the AI’s automated creative process, platforms that provide this service have made it easier for people to create art “without any real artistic skill,” according to the complaints of artists across the internet. This has led to an oversaturation of artworks that lack originality, which has driven down the value of art in the marketplace. AI has definitely made art more accessible to a wider audience, but it has also devalued the craftsmanship and skill of human artists.

When Josh first developed Giant Freakin Robot in 2008, the internet was still wildly plagued by “scrapers,” also known as people who would steal content and republish it as their own. The creator knows first hand what it feels like to have original ideas and works plagiarized without consequence, and the toll it can take on individuals and companies within the online media industry. 

“Experience has already taught me what AI never can,” Josh Tyler summarizes. Recognizing that some technological advancement and tools are better left untouched is not a story for science fiction–It sits on the front of several prominent media outlets and is sued by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.   

Josh Tyler is the CEO and founder of Walk Big, Giant Freakin Robot, and Tell Me Best. These news and entertainment platforms share some of the most circulated stories on the web. Josh has had a foothold in the online media industry since the late 2000’s, and still maintains a face at the forefront of many media outlets. For more information about Josh Tyler and his content, visit his website. 

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