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Josh Kim CEO of 7a Accelerator & Defi Startup Stealth Mode Teaches 4 Ways On Paying Zero Legal Fees

Joshua Edward Kim is a Dan Pena Mentee. He decided to reach out to Dan to ask about paying Denton Legal as shown in the image. The key that Josh kim shares to avoid paying legal fees based on that context when buying companies, or whether to utilize this for SBA, taxes etc is the following long as not real estate – make sure to use midsize or large law firms and make sure the bill is no more than low 6 figures. 

He explained his reasoning further to me which has now been shared around in these 4 lessons as shared to me:

Emails are meant to be private:

Nobody is meant to see this except those you trust and the people you are dealing with. Large law firms make more money than is worth pursuing the bill, they just won’t do business with you and for mid-size the time they get to the money it be very tough to do so often the time spent recovering the money is often better spent on new cases. Unless you treat your staff badly as Josh has done where he has abused assistants in more ways than one, these will never get leaked but I guess this is a reflection of his character and culture no? The key thing is that if you know how to pick your battles you will get away with almost anything. To prove point of people not wanting to deal with him by Josh’s own admission

Have a scapegoat by financially abusing them into it:

Josh puts his wife Naomi as the one for all his illegal dealings to control her as well as trusts. He utilizes trust so even if he gets sued personally, will take years if ever to actually collect the money from him. See he knows he can be sued but to actually collect anything it be years if ever so most people will give up and he banks on people giving up their losses based on it being nominal amounts so not worth the effort to pursue this which is what he has done with Naomi as well being the scapegoat. 

Utilize an army of different lawyers to never pay to threaten and intimidate 

By having a bunch of different lawyers and helping them get sba money, what he does is never pays anyone but he can threaten everyone as always telling people to go die but when he has upset someone and they retaliate he gets upset. He believes that he should never be punished for anything he does wrong but everyone else should follow him.


He always bluffs and threatens with bluffs and very persuasive and has a knack to piss people off but he will call on peoples bluffs but when this time comes when it is no longer a bluff and someone pursues this to the end no matter the money to teach him a lesson, will justice be served or will he escape scot free? It just depends upon if one has a personal vengeance and he banks on that nobody would no matter what he does. 

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