Joseph Plazo Shares the Machine Learning Strategy that Doubles Small Accounts in 2 Months

Joseph Plazo

In the fast-paced world of trading, breaking into the market with limited capital can be a daunting task. However, a strategy known as the Order Block Strategy is emerging as a game-changer for new players. Traditionally leveraged by financial giants, this powerful technique is now being embraced by individual retail traders, offering them the opportunity to compete on a more even playing field.

The Order Block Strategy has caught the attention of Joseph Plazo, CEO of Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital, a renowned non-profit machine learning research entity. Plazo emphasizes that trading bounces from order blocks allows retail traders to align themselves with the big players in the market. By doing so, they can reduce risk due to the placement of stop losses right behind these blocks. Moreover, this approach provides the potential for impressive risk-to-reward ratios, reaching as high as 1:4.

Often underestimated, order blocks hold the key to understanding market dynamics and minimizing financial losses. These blocks represent the aggregation of large orders, typically initiated by banks and financial institutions that dominate the forex market.

Unveiling the Big Secret: Decoding Order Blocks

Order blocks serve as a critical indicator of institutional activity, offering valuable insights into the future direction of the market. Essentially, they are the accumulation of buying and selling orders placed by major players. These blocks are formed when a significant order needs to be executed.

To illustrate, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario involving JP Morgan. Suppose JP Morgan wants to place a massive order of 200 million on the EUR/USD currency pair, but only 50 million is available for sale. Executing the order as is would lead to inflated prices and reduced profitability. To counter this issue, the order is divided into smaller, more manageable blocks using the order block strategy. This method prevents sudden price jumps while optimizing profits.

Leveraging the Power of Order Blocks

Effectively utilizing order blocks can significantly enhance trading potential. Incorporating them into existing trading strategies can highlight high-probability trade entries, leading to increased profits. By identifying areas of institutional supply and demand, traders can determine optimal entry points and make more accurate price predictions.

In the world of trading, the devil is in the details, and order blocks serve as a secret weapon. These blocks manifest in two forms: bullish and bearish. A bullish order block appears just before an upward price movement, providing support to the price. On the other hand, a bearish order block forms ahead of a downward price movement, creating resistance.

Drawing Battle Lines: How to Spot an Order Block

Visualizing order blocks on a chart is crucial for identifying potential trade setups. To draw a bearish order block, traders mark the high of a rally and the recent swing low, enclosing them within a rectangle. This rectangle is then extended to the right into an unoccupied chart area, where the price may potentially react in the future. The same approach applies to drawing a bullish order block, but this time, traders mark the low of a downtrend and the recent swing high.

Executing trades using the strategy is straightforward. For long entries, traders wait for the price to drop and retest a bullish order block. Upon a successful bounce, they enter a market order in an upward direction. The opposite holds true for short entries.

Joseph Plazo reveals that order blocks have proven to be superior indicators of future price direction compared to other trading methods, such as harmonic patterns or Fear Index analysis. Plazo’s group has even developed a fully autonomous order block trading algorithm in-house, boasting an almost flawless trading record.

Thriving Community on Telegram

To share their success and knowledge, Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital established a vibrant Telegram group for market analysis in 2020. This free public group has garnered over 150,000 subscribers to date. It’s important to note that no memberships or tools have ever been sold to the public, emphasizing their commitment to providing accessible resources.

Final Thoughts: Transforming Trading One Block at a Time

For beginners, trading may seem like an uphill battle. However, embracing the Order Block Strategy can be a transformative step in the trading journey. This approach offers retail traders the advantage of aligning with the big players and empowers them to maximize profits. With the right tools and strategies, it’s time to revolutionize the trading game, one block at a time.

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