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Jonathan Novaretti: Carving a Tech Revolution in Colorado’s Small Business Scene

Jonathan Novaretti: Carving a Tech Revolution in Colorado's Small Business Scene

In the ever-evolving realm of technology and software engineering, one name is poised to make a substantial impact on the digital marketing and branding landscape in the state of Colorado. Jonathan Novaretti, a Brazilian visionary known as “Jony” in tech circles, is gearing up to transplant his innovative spirit to the United States with the establishment of Jony Tech LLC.

At the heart of Jony Tech’s mission is a bold endeavor – the creation of a cutting-edge rewards program app designed to transform how small businesses in Colorado’s food and retail sectors interact with their customers. The goal is not merely to encourage repeat purchases but also to deepen customer loyalty and drive consistent business. For Novaretti, this venture is about more than commerce; it’s about nurturing communities and fostering growth. He firmly believes that when small businesses thrive, so do the communities they serve.

Novaretti’s vision for Jony Tech is crystal clear: to carve a niche in the competitive U.S. market, with a particular emphasis on the Colorado region. By pioneering robust and sustainable rewards programs, the company aims to elevate customer engagement, boost revenue, and cultivate unwavering brand loyalty for small businesses, all while making a positive impact on the local economy.

The roots of Novaretti’s tech journey can be traced back to his early teenage years in São Paulo, Brazil. It was then, with the acquisition of a computer by his parents, that he ventured into the world of gaming and discovered his passion for programming through a program called Game Factory. This modest start laid the foundation for a career in the tech industry, driven by his fascination with subjects like physics and mathematics, and later morphed into an interest in web design and web programming courses. From here, Novaretti was able to use his digital skills to secure a stint in URA software development for telemarketing companies while he also embarked on a portfolio of freelance work, crafting websites for various enterprises. After collecting his degree degree in Computer Systems at FIAP, one of São Paulo’s premier IT colleges in 2005, he secured an internship at Vinha.Net, marking the initial steps of his journey into Microsoft technologies.

Novaretti followed this gig up with a job at Unidesk, specializing in Geo Processing (GIS) software, where he contributed to a groundbreaking project utilizing satellite images to map irregular constructions. In 2007, Novaretti made his mark in the tech world by participating in the Imagine Cup, gaining recognition for his work in algorithms and a project designed to assist visually impaired users in navigating the internet via a braille interface. Later in 2008 came Webmotors, where he optimized the site’s performance and improved search engine rankings. His journey of learning and growth continued with an MBA in Software Architecture at FIAP and a role at Third Consultoria, where he served SKY TV and developed a service order control project.

In 2015, life took a personal turn for Novaretti when he married his wife, and they relocated to a cozy apartment in Santo André, Brazil, along with their child and three dogs. Amidst the hustle and bustle, their love for travel remained unwavering, with a memorable honeymoon at Disney sparking a deep passion for exploring diverse cultures and landscapes.

By 2017, Novaretti’s career was on an upward trajectory as he joined Iterative as an architect, leading a migration project to Azure that boosted performance by a remarkable 50%. His journey reached new heights with XP, where he played a pivotal role in creating XDEX, a cryptocurrency brokerage, and XP’s new digital bank.

Today, Jonathan Novaretti stands at the forefront of the tech industry, working remotely for Freshbooks in Toronto as a senior software engineer, while eagerly anticipating his forthcoming move to the United States. With Jony Tech LLC poised to make waves in Colorado’s small business landscape, Novaretti’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation, continuous learning, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As he takes the next momentous step in his extraordinary career, it’s safe to say that the digital marketing and branding landscape in Colorado may never be the same again.

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