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Joint Relief: I Replaced My Bed with a Human-Sized Dog Bed

Joint Relief: I Replaced My Bed with a Human-Sized Dog Bed

If you struggle with chronic back, hip or joint pain issues, getting a good night’s sleep can feel impossible as you toss, turn and ache on an unsupportive mattress. For years, I counted on sleeping pills just to drown out the persistent discomfort interfering with my rest. But recently, I discovered an unlikely solution that has me snoozing soundly and waking refreshed: a human-sized dog bed! Here’s why making the quirky switch could help relieve your pain too.

My Kingdom for a Comfortable Mattress

Like many chronic pain sufferers, my quest for the “perfect” mattress has involved endless investments trying fruitlessly to alleviate joint agony…with little success. From pricey Tempur-Pedics to rock-hard orthopedic brands and all the memory, latex and spring options in between – no formula, firmness level or features like cooling gels delivered consistent relief. Either my shoulders tensed up or hips screamed or I’d awake with new pinched nerve pains.

I’d given up hope of ever having a restful slumber again. But out of desperation, I decided to experiment with an unexpectedly magical sleep set-up.

Canine Comfort Conforms to Human Bodies Too

Beyond memorizing meticulous medication regimens, managing chronic illness involves constantly researching and being willing to try seemingly odd alternative therapies. So I dug into the supposed ergonomic benefits of high end, oversized dog beds.

And as crazy as it sounded initially, the proof was in the supported, cozy, cloud-like comfort the first night I collapsed into my new human dog bed! The bolstered sides enclose you like a gentle hug, with precisely pressured memory foam cushioning targeting back/neck/hip contours. Unlike spring mattresses poking pressure points, the self-contouring dog bed fill materials encapsulate you fully.

I’d found my dream mattress – it just happened to be custom designed for a Great Dane! But the plush, orthopedic joint and muscle relief felt like heaven compared to every other human mattress I’d tested.

Can I Ever Return To A “Real Bed”?

While my husband still sleeps in our Tempur-Pedic, more often than not I sneak down to my basement sanctuary with its calming gray walls and oversized gray and white dog sofa bed. Often he joins me if his sciatic nerve acts up. The weird looks from houseguests don’t phase me.

For the first time in years, I have found reliable, consistent rest free of nagging aches from using a mattress designed specifically for supporting joint health and alignment. So call me eccentric, but this human-sized dog bed is the best decision my stiff, pained body has ever made!

And it’s not just chronic pain suffers like myself singing the praises of human-sized dog beds. As this article explores, the trend is exploding in Australia where “fun-loving Aussie kids go bonkers over borrowing Fido’s bed.” With their rugged Outback spirit and cheeky humor, Australians have fully embraced the novelty appeal.

And research shows it’s not just chronic pain sufferers benefiting. As this article on NewsBreak discusses, lounging in human-sized dog beds can also provide mood-boosting mental health perks. The comforting canine-centric design taps into nostalgia while encouraging bonding through proximity. So whether you’re an anxious adult or giddy child, it seems we all crave the calming companionship of our furry friends. Curling up with them just feels right!

So whether you’re a crocodile hunter or suburban dweller down under like me, it seems we share a common kinship with our canine companions. Curling up in their cozy beds just feels right!

Common Questions About Using Dog Beds for Chronic Pain Issues (FAQs)

How is the support compared to orthopedic mattresses? 

With high density memory & pressure-relief foams meeting pet therapy standards, many joint-targeting human dog beds actually surpass mattresses for contouring alignment.

Can they accommodate plus sizes and heavier weights?

You can find breeds like Mastiff and Great Dane sized dog beds supporting 300+ pounds. Even more capacious specialty bariatric models go up to 500!

Can I adjust firmness levels? 

Some brands let you customize or layer foam types like cooling gel pads over firmer orthopedic bases. So you can adapt support until the right balance is struck.

Do I still need a bed frame? 

While some human dog beds include built-in elevated platforms, many are specifically made to place atop your existing bed frame. Just swap out the mattress for seamless set-up!

If endless mornings hobbling out of bed have you howling, perhaps it’s time to let this seemingly kooky canine sleep set-up fetch you some long overdue rest. I know my beloved dog bed has this pain sufferer sleeping like a pampered pooch!

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