John Wetmore’s Tech-Forward Leadership in Shaping Insurance’s Future

John Wetmore's Tech-Forward Leadership in Shaping Insurance's Future

Wetmore, the managing director of Integrity Marketing Group, prioritizes client relations by wholeheartedly embracing Insurtech

Technology has revolutionized our world and become such an integral part of business that the World Economic Forum reports the total value of digital transformation will reach 100 trillion dollars by 2025. Not long ago the insurance industry was driven by door-to-door sales, paper pushing, and hand-delivered policies but today the industry is embracing AI technology and its seemingly limitless applications.  

John Wetmore, a managing partner at Integrity Marketing Group (Integrity), has been a champion of adopting new technology to boost business development since he first joined the industry and has observed its complete transformation over the last decade. 

Wetmore had originally begun working in accounting and contemplated a career switch each day of his commute. Part of what convinced him to take the leap had been the opportunities to capitalize on “Insurtech”, which encompasses technological innovations that are created and implemented to improve the efficiency of the insurance industry. Insurtech focuses on automating administrative tasks, digital lead generation programs, and easier access to clients and information. 

“I was intrigued by the potential of the insurance industry and how technology could play a transformative role. In the beginning, working part-time in insurance, I witnessed firsthand the impact of technology in boosting sales success and improving efficiency,” shares Wetmore.

Advancements in technology have brought forth a multitude of advantages, reshaping the landscape for the insurance industry. Automation, for instance, has emerged as a driving force for insurance agents. This has liberated agents from routine paperwork by efficiently managing administrative tasks, enabling them to concentrate on cultivating robust clients relationships and sealing deals. 

In tandem, the integration of advanced lead generation programs has amplified agents’ ability to pinpoint potential clients with precision, ushering in heightened sales opportunities and deeper engagement with prospective customers.

Wetmore comments, “Lead generation tech was a driving force in my own career that helped me reach more potential clients and free up time that I could dedicate to building relationships and perfecting my sales approach instead. Tech changes only started 7 – 8 years ago with basic e-signatures and apps, but the tech has improved at lightning speed with full underwriting automation, integrated reporting, and AI.

Moreover, the ease of access to clients and vital information through dedicated platforms helps professionals to respond swiftly to the potential customers with finesse, elevating the caliber of customer service and nurturing heightened satisfaction.

As Wetmore experienced and leveraged it all, this would enable him to focus more on, and prioritize, building client relationships to close sales.

“At Integrity, the company built its own proprietary software, AI, and a multitude of tools for partners to utilize. Inside my office we use GoHighLevel, Zapier, and integrate data using webhooks and APIs to automate as many processes as possible. We don’t ever want to forget about the human touch element, so many of our automations include reminders for when someone should make a contact point.”

Every insurance agent can understand the initial challenges of joining the industry. Wetmore’s own determination led to an impressive $100,000 income in his first year as a full-time insurance agent. Over his career, Wetmore has processed over 12,000 policies monthly, built up and sold off his own brokerage, and transitioned into his managing partner role with Integrity Marketing Group to oversee various aspects of the company’s operations and growth strategies. 

However, what Wetmore is most passionate about is his role in training and mentoring over 2000 of Integrity’s agents, empowering them to adopt new advances in technology and use it to carve out their own success in the industry. 

“Agents who fully embrace technology gain a competitive edge, creating a smoother and more efficient workflow, leading to increased productivity and greater success in the insurance field.” Wetmore continues, “Integrity Marketing Group understands the power of technology in today’s competitive landscape. By investing in cutting-edge tools, we empower our agents to reach a broader audience and drive business success.”

Integrity itself pursues a tech-focused approach to maintain its leading presence in the industry. The company invests in Insurtech that enhances insurance agents’ productivity, including best-in-class marketing, lead generation, distribution, and member services. This enables agents to reach a wider audience and achieve greater market penetration while having more capacity to build meaningful relationships with clients. Integrity was founded less than 20 years ago and has grown to over 6,000 employees serving over 11 million clients today.

As a managing partner, Wetmore teaches that, “Easy access to clients and information through technology enhances agents’ responsiveness and service quality. It’s a win-win for both clients and agents, fostering trust and loyalty.”

This tech-driven progression isn’t merely about optimizing processes—it’s about transforming the core of insurance operations. With technology’s arsenal at their disposal, insurance experts can adeptly organize their endeavors, from lead tracking to client data management, thereby elevating not just their individual productivity but the industry as a whole.

As tech continues to advance, the industry must evolve with it. AI has been a hot topic of conversation everywhere, but McKinsey reports that it could have a significant increase in insurance process productivity. 

Wetmore highlights how AI has influenced his own business at Integrity, “The company just came out with ‘Ask Integrity’ which is an AI-powered and voice-activated technology that leverages in-the-moment data analysis and intelligence to streamline processes and empower agents to build stronger client relationships.”

Not only can AI enhance customer experiences, it could also support better policy management by reducing claims processing time, generating personalized insurance products, and creating risk profiles and price premiums based on unique customer data. Each of these advancements would further revolutionize the functioning of the industry and the role of agents. 

Ultimately, the main goal of Insurtech is to alleviate the “paper-pushing” and manual processes that drain agents’ time, not so that the job is less work, but so that there is more time to spend face-to-face with clients when they need it. 

Wetmore summarizes, “To succeed in the insurance industry, embracing technology is key. The more processes we can automate the better, if it means more focus will be on client relations.” 

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