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Johan Feder : The French Singer Who Is Carving A Niche For Himself With His Hypnotic Music

Johan Feder is the talented musician behind the hit single “Shipwrecked”. When he released his first-ever music video, Johan hadn’t thought he would get such an overwhelming response. His music has become the light in the dark of the tunnel for many people. “Shipwrecked” was his first-ever single, he released the music back in July 2020. Since then the song has been streamed thousands of times on various platforms like Spotify. It has also received numerous views on YouTube. The success of his first song encouraged Johan to create more music.

The French Singer and Musician was born and brought up in Paris. His childhood was filled with music and art, which lends him the artist’s eye. Johan Feder learned how to play the piano at a young age. By the time he was a teenager, he had already mastered how to play the piano and guitar.

But even though he loved music and could play instruments, he was shy. He was doubtful about posting his music online. So, he created an anonymous account where he posted his music and travel content. At first, it was just a spare account, but then he started receiving a positive response to his pictures and videos.

That surprised Johan, he was grateful and excited that people were loving his voice. He posted cover videos of songs. But the cover that received the most recognition was “Take On Me” by a-Ha. Johan’s cover was a class above any other covers. He did not just sing the pop song, he infused it with his own musical essence. Johan made the song his own.

The fast-paced pop song became a slow, trance-like love ballad that touched your soul. Johan did that with just his guitar and his voice, without any studio and equipment. His “Take on me” cover became the favorite of many of his fans.

While Johan wasn’t able to work on more music in 2020, he kept posting music covers. His “Never Even Thought” by Murray Head Cover became another hit with his fans and he just kept delivering.

To say Johan Feder is passionate about music is selling it short. Music for him is something you listen to when your heart is breaking a little. He says he likes his songs “a bit sad”. Johan wants his music to have depth and emotion. He may not be making music like everybody else in the game, but his music is a class apart. He is indeed carving a niche for himself.

Johan has been working on his upcoming music for the past couple of months. When asked about it, he said that he doesn’t like hurrying things. Good things take time, and Johan wants to take his sweet time to make his music. It seems the talented singer is going to serve more amazing songs in the coming months, for updates on his music you can follow him on

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