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Joey Feste, Financial Manager with KM Capital Management, on the Right Time to Invest

Joey Feste is the senior leader of Kingdom Life, but he is also a financial manager who wants to help everyone find the best investments for their needs. With his son, Joey Feste Jr., he is taking his company and its ability to advise others on financial matters to new heights. Feste is the Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management. He uses his bachelor of arts degree in economics from the University of Texas and his more than 30 years of financial experience to guide clients toward the investment strategies that will meet their needs.

As a registered investment advisor representative, Feste focuses on the needs and experiences of his clients to make sure they are getting the quality and value they expect and deserve. He also works toward teaching people about the right times to invest to make wiser financial choices for their future. His company, KM Capital Management, is one of the leading firms for private wealth management. Its focus is on comprehensive financial services to individuals with a high net worth. It also wants personalized recommendations and information that will fit its specific goals while building its wealth.

Athletes, entertainers, and others use KM Capital Management and the services that Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr. provide to make the most of their financial status and continue to leverage their wealth. But Feste also understands that advising people who have smaller levels of wealth can help them succeed at building a more robust financial portfolio over time and adding to what they have already accumulated. With an experienced team of professionals in the legal, financial, and investment sectors, KM Capital Management has a diligent focus on helping its clients reach and even exceed the financial goals they have set for themselves over time. In addition, Feste understands the value of building wealth for financial security.

When to Invest?

The right time to start investing, according to Joey Feste, is as soon as possible. But, there are a few caveats to that. For example, it’s essential to be aware that investments aren’t building wealth if a person is paying on high-interest debt at the same time. Before starting an investment portfolio, says Feste, a person should pay off their high-interest debt and remove it from the equation. Making 10 percent on an investment is not gaining anything if they pay 16 percent on their credit cards. There are many cases of a person trying to build wealth but struggling to do so because of debt load and high-interest rates.

The focus for anyone in this situation should be making sure they have paid off their high-interest debts. That means getting rid of the debt on credit cards and personal loans, as well as a high-interest car note or anything else with a significant rate of interest. Many new car loans and home loans are at a very low-interest rate, and they do not need to be paid off before a person starts to invest. In some cases, trying to pay off a home first would leave a person who wants to invest many years behind in starting the investment process, which will not help them get into wealth building promptly.

Another critical aspect of investing, according to Feste, is to make sure that the person who is about to start investing has an emergency fund set up. That should be at least three months of expenses if a job loss or other financial problems. Saving up more is not a bad thing, but three months of savings are the point at which a person could reasonably feel comfortable shifting some of their focus away from saving and more toward the investment side of things. Most people can continue to contribute to their emergency fund, but they may be putting a more significant chunk of their extra income toward investing in building their wealth.

Keeping Things Simple is Often the Key

One of the things that Joey Feste, and his son Joey Feste Jr., stress when it comes to money management, is to keep things simple. That means choosing a trusted advisor for wealth building and ensuring that the person who wants to invest is not making it more complicated than it needs to be. Most people can get into investing when they focus on paying off debt, building a cushion for emergencies, and cutting out excess spending that may get in the way of their goals and dreams. Some fun money is understandable, but there are times when spending too much derails plans that would be much more beneficial.

For people who have employers with matching programs, taking advantage of that and investing a percentage of their paycheck up to the portion of an employer match is just good business. Of course, they can always invest a higher percentage if they want to, but taking advantage of the match is the most crucial aspect of using this option as a wealth-building tool. It is one of the most effective ways to maximize funds and helps to provide employees with the means to retire when they reach that age. In some cases, when coupled with other investments, it may also allow an employee to retire earlier.

In addition to these kinds of investments, though, there are many other ways to get into building wealth. For example, Joey Feste and his son, Joey Feste Jr., focus on starting with simple, easy types of investments. This can be done through stocks, bonds, or other options that work for the person and their current financial situation. Investing is part of a skill set. Like anything else, it takes dedication, time, and practice to find what works best—starting small means less of a chance of causing financial harm when trying to build up wealth for the future.

Robo-advisors, mutual funds, and employer matching options are all good ways to begin, says Feste. As wealth builds, though, many people want to work with companies like KM Capital Management to have a targeted and personalized approach to their wealth goals. Making investment decisions should be an individual issue, and comparing one investor to another is not realistic. Instead, it is better to focus on what each specific person wants to achieve.

In 2010, Joey Feste took his financial experience and desire to help people and did something new. He started a church in San Antonio. He frequently preaches there and understands the value of helping people live better lives in not strictly financial ways. With a focus on God and a desire to build wealth to help more people realize their dreams, Feste can combine two of his passions and add to the value he brings to the San Antonio area. Business leaders frequently work with him to find new ways to seek God and continue serving others in the marketplace. Feste’s future is bright, as are the futures of those who seek out his wisdom.

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