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Jobs in China: Interview of Nadia Ponomareva Managing Director of China Leading Recruitment Agency

China’s Leading Recruitment Agency Sky Executive, has the insight, the capacity, and expertise to provide the best talent workforce and other HR services in China. Nadia Ponomareva, Managing Director at Sky Executive will be sharing more details with us  in this interview.

Please tell us your name and a little about yourself.

My name is Nadia Ponomareva. I am a Russian citizen from the South-Eastern part of the county located near the Chinese border. Asian culture is a part of my life. As soon as I had the opportunity to move to China in early 2013, I decided to settle in Shanghai in order to pursue cross-border and inbound investment activities. 

I have mainly been focused on Executive Search and HR and Corporate Consulting services. In particular, I am passionate about human resources challenges within China-based organizations, as I believe it is one of the key components in order to successfully implement long-term development business strategies.  

What is Sky Executive? 

Sky Executive in an Executive Search company providing a one-stop solution for hiring talents abroad. We are headquartered in Shanghai as Mainland China is our core expertise, both regarding its market growth and our actual talent pool. We also have financial operations in our Hong Kong and Singapore entities.

Our core value is our cover of the full human resource cycle: talent search, recruitment management, hiring procedure, labor contract drafting, payroll & tax compliance, and ongoing HR support. We differentiate from other recruitment agencies by proving a tailor-made solution for each client.

What are the specific services you provide at Sky Executive?

Our recruitment consultants are dedicated to service clients from every country. We focus on various industries: Food & Beverage, Automotive, Engineering, IT Solutions, Supply Chain, etc.

Our company provides recruitment services with guidance regarding the entire employment process, including all the administrative on-boarding aspects, monthly payroll processing, and termination cases, as part of our “after-sales” on-going support to our clients. 

Our consultants have vast knowledge of the Chinese labor law, with extensive experience to structure the mission & payroll for local Chinese and foreign candidates. We help companies entering China’s market to develop their business, so that they can focus on their business strategy with the guidance of our Chinese legal team.

Who are your target clients and what should they expect from Sky Executive?

We are working with international companies who would like to grow their business activities in China. We are working with companies who have already established their business in China, as well as international businesses that are willing to enter the market. We provide a deeper insight gained from on-site experience in order to advise what type of specialists those companies need – prior to executing a one-stop recruitment & employment solution.

What is the market size of the Chinese job market; what are the employment and unemployment ratios?

According to recent data from the China National Bureau, the unemployment rate for the last 10 years is around +/- 4  percent. The Chinese market remains very dynamic, with an average 2-5 years employment cycle depending on the retainer capability of each company and its industries. 

What are the challenges of Hiring Talents in China and how does Sky Executive approach these challenges?

The Chinese employment market is very competitive, as it is saturated with job opportunities. There is usually a very large number of candidates, but they need to be carefully selected according to their background, motivation, skills, and expertise. It is very challenging to recruit local talents with competitive salaries. 

The main issues we tackle are: How to find the right qualified candidate for your company out of thousands of talents? How to attract an individual to join your company instead of your competitors or without benefiting from an international brand recognition? How to structure your labor contract and payroll in order to retain the staff for long-term performance? 

First of all, most of our clients are aware that it is an extremely time-consuming process. Second, the language barrier increases the difficulty for international companies to recruit local talents effectively. Finally, cross-cultural challenges also impact the candidates’ screening, interviewing, and negotiation procedure. 

Understanding the Chinese market involves experience regarding salary level and benefits. More particularly, the salary package in China does not equal the cost of employment for the company. Labor burden is, in practice, very high and different in every city due to the local social security schemes. 

At Sky Executive, we deal with all of these challenges on a daily basis. We have an in-depth know-how of the Chinese employment specifics for every province. We are members of all the main local job search platforms and developed a strong network in various industries. We have professional specialists to conduct the search, select, and interview the right candidates according to the needs and requirements of each company. Our recruitment team speaks the language of the candidates and has local labor law expertise in order to deal with the unique case of every candidate. We support and consult our client on all employment-related aspects and issues they might have in China. 

Have you had any progress with your Recruitment and Procurement Consulting services? If so, would you like to share some success stories with us? 

By now, we are working with companies from 4 continents. We developed a trustful and reliable relationship with every company we work with. Our success stories include the establishment & development of foreign businesses within a couple of months via the setup of a local team we both recruited and guided for employment compliance.

Tell us about your team of specialists and customer support. What makes you the best?

In addition to what I have mentioned above, we are an international team of professionals. We speak Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, and Spanish. We are passionate about the industry and the knowledge we can share with our clients. We prioritize professionalism, compliance, and quality of support during the entire duration of our relationship with our clients.  

Do you have more information for our readers?

I would suggest considering the use of an Executive Search agency like Sky Executive as an investment for China. We strongly believe the guidance we provide has contributed to the success stories of our clients.

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