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Job Ready Program for Chef in Australia – A pathway to PR in 2023!

If you enjoy preparing different types of foods, you might want to think about working as a chef or cook in the hospitality sector. Many international students prefer to study commercial cooking in Australia due to the high standard of education and the variety of restaurants and cafes.

 Australia’s hospitality industry is just as diverse as its population. Graduates can find employment after completing their studies in the hospitality sector easily.

So if you are interested in cooking and want to pursue your career as a chef in Australia, apply for the Job ready Program for Chefs now!

Overseas individuals choose Australia for their careers and permanent residence. Australia provides various programs to help you develop the skills necessary to work there. 

One of them is the Job Ready Program. There are different skill-based visas available from the Home Affairs Department. International applicants who finish a Job Ready program might enhance their skills to qualify for Australia’s skilled visas.

Job Ready Program for Chef in Australia

To begin working as a professional cook or chef in Australia, you must finish JRP. Job Ready Program for Chef assesses your knowledge of cooking and its related subjects and your experience in them.

You must enroll in Commercial Cookery to learn about and practice cooking. Australia provides a Diploma of Hospitality and Commercial Cooking Certificates 3 and 4. To become a chef in Australia, international students can study commercial cooking.

Job Ready Program for Chef – Steps

 JRP consists of four stages to evaluate the migration skills of foreign graduates to Australia.

There are four key steps that the Job Ready Program follows:

Step 1: Provisional Skill Assessment

For PSA, candidates must adhere to the following conditions:

  •       Give evidence of 360 hours of employment or training completed in a workplace in Australia three years before submitting your application.
  •       Studied in Australia on a student visa.
  •       TRA-accredited qualification issued by CRICOS relevant to an occupation.

You can utilize your PSA Outcome to request a 485 Temporary Graduate Visa from the Home Affairs Department.

You need a positive PSA test to apply for the JRP’s next steps.

Step 2: Job-Ready Employment

JRE allows you to be an expert in your chosen field in the Australian workplace.

The prerequisites for JRE eligibility are as follows:

If you typically possess a 485 visa or have applied for one, a successful PSA outcome has been received (TRA may make exceptions to this rule)

  •       Have established eligibility for employment
  •       You have four months left on your student visa.
  •       After beginning your JRE, you must complete 1725 hours of work in a recognized Australian job within 12 months.

You require a Job Ready Journal and proof of payment for this position.

Step 3: Job Ready Workplace Assessment

JRWA aims to ascertain whether you carry out your designated job at the necessary degree of proficiency in an Australian workplace.

Your performance is assessed based on the actions detailed in your quarterly progress reports, employment verification reports, and any additional monthly reports you provide for the JRWA.

JRWA needs the following information:

  •       Proof that your employer paid you for at least 863 hours of work in the last six months;
  •       A Job Ready Journal authorized by TRA for the past six months of employment.

Step 4: Job Ready Final Assessment

It is the final phase of the JRP procedure. A positive JRFA result can be used to apply for a PR visa (Subclass 190, 189, or 491) under the General Skilled Migration program.

If you’re interested in a JRFA, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Success of the Provisional Skills Assessment (Step 1).
  2. A successful consequence of job-ready employment (Step 2).
  3. A successful Job-Ready Workplace Assessment (Step 3):

Please provide the following details to TRA:

  •       Proof that your employer compensate you for a minimum of 1725 hours over 12 months (excluding paid leave).
  •       Reports that cover the last six months of employment, progress reports every three months, and reports on employment verification.

Job Ready Program for Chef – How to be eligible?

You must have finished a trade course to be eligible for the Job ready program for chef.

  •       360 hours of practical experience or training in a field related to your work in Australia.
  •       Studied a topic that covered an occupation on the Medium to Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  •       Trade Recognition Australia, who may assess your profession with skill.
  •       You need to be eligible for a Graduate Visa 485.

Job Ready Program for Chef – Benefits

This program gives you many advantages, such as,

  •       You get an opportunity to enhance your cooking or chef abilities.
  •       You get work experiences at the Australian Workplace, such as in restaurants and cafes.
  •       JRP only requires 1 year of work experience, whereas 3 years of work experience is required for the TRA.
  •       You get a positive Skills Assessment from TRA for any PR application.
  •       For skill assessment, you need 9 months of work experience if you have three months already.
  •       Positive skill assessment reduces the time needed to obtain a license for numerous vocations.
  •       You can file for your PR or employer-sponsored visa when the skill assessment is successful.

Job Ready Program for Chef – Pathway to PR in Australia

JYP for chefs in Australia trains you and enhances your skills to be a chef or cook. There are numerous opportunities for qualified cooks and chefs to obtain PR because of the high demand for workers in the hospitality sector.

The Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) includes Cook, Pastry Cook, Café, or Restaurant Manager, which makes them eligible for 190 Visa and 491 Visa.

Chefs are also qualified for VISA types 189, 190, 494, and 491 after the occupation has been included in the MTSSL. Thus, the Job Ready Program for Chef is a perfect option to get PR in Australia.

The printed details on food packaging like cooking guidelines educate chefs on how to cook the product professionally. Moreover, product packaging, like fast food boxes, helps chefs cook or bake products well.


Australia provides qualified students with a variety of employment options. It provides a Job Ready Program for Chef to individuals who desire to develop their professional cooking skills. The JRP will also get you ready for professional employment in Australia.

The Job Ready program aims to help students acquire skills that apply to their work. You can take the Commercial Cookery course to sharpen your culinary skills.

So contact us at The Migration if you want to enroll in JRP in Australia and enhance your skills.

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