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Joan 6 Pro wins the Red Dot Award: simplicity and sustainability pave the way for the hybrid workplace

The Joan 6 Pro, which is an e-paper meeting room scheduler developed by the company Visionect, has recently won the Red Dot Award for its outstanding product design in the year 2022. The Red Dot Award is one of the largest design competitions on the globe with roughly 20,000 submissions in 2022 alone. The Red Dot Award has become synonymous with good design and any winner of the ward receives a notable honor. The award breaks down its categories into three disciplines: product design, brands and communications design and design concept. Each of these categories has an annual competition in which victory is highly sought after.

This is the third time that a Joan product has won the Red Dot Award with the Joan 6 winning the award in 2016 and the Joan 13 winning the award in 2018. This is a demonstration of the tremendous skill which the team at Visionect brings to the table. Their design philosophy emphasizes simplicity, minimalism and sustainability which is why their products are so easy to use.  


Sustainability in design is a hot topic at the moment because of the increasing need to work, live and produce in a forward thinking way. Climate change has made it clear that our actions have repercussions that now is the best time to act. Designing products which are more energy efficient and use less resources combats climate change. This makes production of the product more sustainable which benefits the planet. 

The Joan 6 Pro takes sustainability seriously. This is why the Joan 6 Pro is made of sustainable, non-polluting materials. It is also produced in a manner that uses much less water and is more energy efficient. Operating the Joan 6 Pro is also exceptionally energy efficient. This means that it has a low carbon footprint. The e-ink display which the Joan 6 Pro uses is 99% more energy efficient than traditional LCD screens. Additionally, the battery is capable of lasting for months on only a single charge further reducing energy consumption. 

The designers behind the Joan 6 Pro took a great deal of care to ensure that each part of the product was sustainably sourced. The glass which the product uses is created through a non-polluting process which is energy and water efficient. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable because melting it does not change its properties in any way. Even the packaging of the Joan 6 Pro is sustainable being made from paperless cardboard which is fully recyclable. Joan products are also built to last with a guaranteed five year lifespan and the lowest failure rate in the industry. 

The Hybrid Workplace 

The hybrid workplace combines in-office work with remote work for an increase in flexibility and support for employees. The hybrid workplace engages employees more as it is easier to maintain a work-life balance. This benefits employers as well because they develop a more healthy, motivated and happy workforce which is more productive as a result. The hybrid workplace has seen a significant increase in usage since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the hybrid workplace has become so much more than just a reaction to corona, it has become a desirable and viable alternative to in-office work. 

The Joan 6 Pro has many features which assist with the meeting room management of a company using a hybrid workplace. The Joan 6 Pro is ideal for a hybrid workplace because employees using the office space will always find their meeting room waiting for them. The employees can reserve this space ahead of time to enable them to do their best work through either collaboration or solo work. 

The Joan 6 Pro integrates seamlessly with calendar applications to keep everyone up to date with meeting room schedules. An auxiliary service, JoanBot can help you schedule meetings through your work related communication channels. The system can also keep the whole office up to date with the meeting schedule so working from home will not disrupt meeting management. 

Final Thoughts 

The Red Dot Awards have honored the Joan family of products three times with their prestigious awards for design. Most recently for the Joan 6 Pro which prioritizes simplicity and sustainability in every facet of its design. From the packaging to the energy usage the device is incredibly sustainable making it a move in the right direction against climate change. Hybrid workplaces, which the Joan 6 Pro seamlessly facilitates, have become very popular due to the pandemic and this has proven to be more beneficial for employees and employers alike. 

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