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JM Bullion Review

JM Bullion Review

One excellent choice for long-term investment is to include some precious metals in your portfolio.

Investors have a lot of options for how to do this – from getting involved in ETFs and other funds to collecting individual coins or pieces of precious metals and storing them personally in a vault.

Here’s a JM Bullion review going over what you can expect from this prominent precious metals company. JM Bullion offers quite a few different ways to trade on the values of gold, silver, palladium, and other assets. It’s becoming a go-to for a lot of long-term investors who want to support better diversity in IRAs or 401k strategies, or for other kinds of capital gains.

Coins and Bullion

Long-term investors always have a fundamental choice to make – in purchasing either raw bullion or coins that have their own numismatic value.

JM Bullion offers both. There is the option to purchase beautiful specialized coin editions and collections (like Lady Godiva, Canadian Gold, or American Silver Eagle, just to name a few) that not only have their own numismatic value but their own aesthetic appeal and branding. Mint sealing and other services help support the coin values of these products.

At the same time, investors can also get raw bullion or bars, or even bars stamped with custom designs.

JM Bullion Review: Funds and Precious Metals

Some investors will want to go a different direction with specialized precious metals IRAs.

In conjunction with partners like New Direction, JM Bullion also offers the ability to get into precious metals IRAs and long-term funds. These days, it is abundantly possible to gain the value of precious metals without actually owning any directly. Some of these funds also offer more of an ability to get in and out of precious metal over a given market day. Compare the features of different brokerage options to find your comfort level.

On-Site Storage

One of the questions that long-term investors address in their search is whether they want to keep precious metals in their own custody. If they don’t, they tend to go toward fund options.

JM Bullion offers an additional third way – the company will sell precious metals to investors, and will also provide secure storage itself. So the investor purchases the precious metal asset and has it securely stored by the vendor. There’s a minimum investment, but the additional security is a value to some customers.

Borrowing Against Precious Metals

Here’s another major service that investors utilize from JM Bullion.

In today’s lending world, investors are seeing that they can get better returns from alternative assets than they can on the equities market, or through instruments like money market accounts.

Market returns are historically low, partly because of the Federal Reserve lowering base interest rates to near zero and keeping them there for years on end.

But at the same time, borrowers often feel the squeeze of getting cash out of a deal, maybe not with high-interest rates, but either through the paperwork burden of the process, or the diminishing of other forms of collateral.

JM Bullion provides the ability to borrow against gold or silver, in order to give investors cash liquidity.

Borrowing against precious metals with a quick and easy process is an alternative to a home loan or other lending process that can be painstakingly complicated. Some people also dislike the idea of a reverse mortgage if they feel it threatens their primary investment in their homes. That’s one scenario where borrowing against precious metals can come in handy.

Charting and Information

Equities traders are used to looking at candlestick analysis and other kinds of historical trend reviews. From the short-term fluctuations in things like price per troy ounce to mining analysis and comparison to other asset classes, this kind of research is integrally important for good investing, no matter what type of fund you’re using or what your strategy is.

Investors can do this with JM Bullion using tools and resources on the site for long-term tracking of gold, silver, palladium, and other metals.

This also allows the investor to learn more about the market itself, and the industries that these precious metal mining companies serve. In other words, long-term investors may want to know where the metals go, and more about the use cases that support their value.

Business Reputation

If you’re looking for a business that has the credentials to be confident about handling your assets, JM Bullion has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, and a 4.5 rating on TrustPilot. These achievements show how the company has built its reputation over time, and how a commitment to customer service has paid off. Look for special offers, like free shipping for larger orders, and all of the extra options for getting into precious metals for a valuable part of your portfolio.

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