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Jigsaw Trading Review

Jigsaw Trading Review 2023

Jigsaw Trading is a platform that specializes in book ordering. As a result, they aren’t a good option for traders who want to do so passively or want to learn about other trading methods.

The platform may be of interest to you if, like many other traders worldwide, you want to know more about book trading. However, prior to making a commitment, it is important to understand the platform’s advantages and disadvantages.

In this article we’re going to give a high-level overview of the platform and book order trading, if you’re interested in a more in depth Jigsaw Trading Review we suggest this one from ModestMoney.

What is book trading?

The majority of institutions manage and reduce risk in their trading books using sophisticated risk metrics. Trading books act as a type of bookkeeping record that follows the long and short positions held by the organization or individual that are routinely traded. The trading book helps keep track of trading history information by making it easy to review your previous activities with associated securities. Securities in a trading book are not intended to be held until maturity, in contrast to securities in a banking book, which are intended to be held for a long time.

Active trading is required for securities in a trading book. However, positions might be held longer than traditional day trading which can involve trades that are only meant to be held of minutes.

Basically, book trading allows you to keep track of all your trades both long and short. Letting you keep a comprehensive view of all positions overall.

What does Jigsaw Trading offer?

Jigsaw Trading is a great platform for traders who wish to acquire book trading experience and learn more about order flow trading. Interestingly Jigsaw Trading works well for both novice and experienced traders due to its extensive library of resources.

Jigsaw Trading offers a variety of trading products, so you should compare the various packages available and choose the one that best suits your current level of experience. After some time working with the platform, you’ll be able to keep moving up in package level.

However, because the platform is only useful for order flow trading, you should not necessarily use it if you’re an individual who is interested in learning multiple ways to day trade.

Other aspects of trading, such as fundamental and technical analysis, are not covered by the platform.


The best feature has is their demo mode. The platform can be used in demo mode or for real-time trading. In a secure environment with live data, traders can practice identifying and taking advantage of trading opportunities in demo mode, then move on to live trading.

Jigsaw Daytradr, is the platforms premier feature. It is a trading platform that provides traders with a variety of tools for an accurate trading.

This includes providing users with visual tools like heat maps and the DOM (Depth of Market) tool, which shows data like the balance of trade momentum, realistic slippage on stop orders, and order queue position.

It additionally works as an entry tool that also supports exit strategies of all kinds, with just a single click.

Outside of the main trading features the platform also offers educational materials. The educational materials cover a variety of aspects of order flow trading, such as how to use the software and use order flow charts to place orders.


Although there are numerous trading platforms available, not all of them work the same. When it comes to day trading, this is especially true as there are countless strategies and ways to trade. Whether they are educational or broker-based, day traders both new and seasoned can benefit from a variety of platforms.

The most common platforms for early traders to start out on are TradeStation, Edgewonk, and TopStepTrader, however all of them work very differently to Jigsaw Trading as none of them involve book trading.

If you’re interested about learning about some of the best day trading platform for beginners, you can check out the linked article.

Should I use Jigsaw Trading?

Jigsaw Trading’s is an effective trading platform if you’re interested if order book trading is something that you’re interested in. As Jigsaw Trading is probably the best option for order book trading because it offers simulated trading, teaches proprietary trading strategies, has a lot of educational resources, and has a live chat room where you can connect with other traders.

However, traders interested in other types of trading have little to gain by joining this platform because its effectiveness is largely dependent on its desire to concentrate solely on order book trading.

Jigsaw Trading, on the other hand, is the best option if you want to master order flow trading by utilizing customized trading tools, proprietary trading techniques, and the expertise of experienced traders. If you want to learn more about the platform you can click this link and set up a demo account before committing to anything.

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