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Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd: Pioneering White Nano Crystallized Glass for Sustainable Construction and Design

Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd, established in December 2003, has become a leading and dynamic manufacturer of state-of-the-art decorative building materials. The company’s facility, located in Hengfeng Town, Yongxiu County, spans 300 acres and houses five advanced production lines, backed by a team of 900 devoted employees. Boasting an annual sales revenue of an astounding $78 million, the company demonstrates its significant influence on the industry.

White Nano Crystallized Glass has emerged as a transformative material in the construction and design realms, providing a multitude of advantages. As a groundbreaking product in the domain of building materials, it is crucial for professionals to explore its diverse applications and benefits. In this article, we will delve into the properties and uses of Nano Crystallized Glass, drawing from insights provided by Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Golden Phoenix) nano glass stone website and other credible sources.

Demystifying White Nano Crystallized Glass

Nano Crystallized Glass (NCG), commonly known as White Nano Glass Panels, is an innovative, eco-friendly building material created through a complex manufacturing process. This process involves heating raw materials like silica, soda ash, and limestone to temperatures as high as 1,800 degrees Celsius, forming a glassy, crystalline structure. The resulting material is a dense, sturdy, and versatile surface suited for various applications.

Key Benefits of White Nano Crystallized Glass

  1. Durability and Strength: NCG is renowned for its remarkable durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is less susceptible to chipping, cracking, or breaking compared to other natural stones such as granite or marble, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and commercial applications where longevity is essential.
  2. Stain and Scratch Resistance: Due to its non-porous nature, Nano Crystallized Glass is highly resistant to staining and scratching. This feature makes it an excellent material for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, requiring minimal maintenance and withstanding daily wear and tear.
  3. Heat Resistance: NCG exhibits extraordinary heat resistance, making it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops where hot pots and pans are commonly used. This heat resistance also allows for easy cleaning, as it can tolerate high temperatures without damage.
  4. Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly: White Nano Crystallized Glass, being non-porous, is resistant to the growth of bacteria and mold, making it a sanitary choice for both residential and commercial applications. Additionally, NCG production is eco-friendly, producing minimal waste and incorporating recycled materials.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: NCG features a sleek, modern appearance that can seamlessly be integrated into various design styles. It is available in an array of colors and finishes, offering a versatile choice for designers and architects.


From an expert’s viewpoint, Nano Crystallized Glass Panel is a remarkable material boasting numerous benefits and applications in the construction and design industries. Its durability, stain, and scratch resistance, heat resistance, hygienic properties, and aesthetic appeal make it a sought-after choice for diverse projects. As the demand for sustainable and innovative building materials grows, White Nano Crystallized Glass Panel is set to play a significant role in shaping the future of the industry.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to utilize White Nano Crystallized Glass in your next project. Reach out to Jiangxi Konka New Material Technology Co., Ltd. today to learn more about their cutting-edge products and services. Partner with us for exceptional quality, expertise, and innovation that will elevate your construction and design projects to new heights. Visit our website or contact our team of dedicated professionals to start your journey toward a sustainable, efficient, and visually stunning future.

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