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JEWCoin | Merging Faith with Financial Wisdom to Bring Better Returns

Israel, Jerusalem/ June 8, 2021/ JEWCoin is bringing crypto-assets believed to usher the investors into a virtuous circle of higher profits and better returns on investments. JEWCoin plans to bring financial prosperity and the confidence that users require to stake their assets on a platform. The development of this project is done with a predefined thinking that there must be a JEWCoin in every investment fund operated by the users.

Bringing Luck With a Strong Economic Foundation

JEWCoin works on the principles of a decentralized finance ecosystem operating to bring luck and prosperity backed by several safety mechanisms for protecting the user’s investment. Starting with a 5% commission, which is levied on every transaction which is then locked in a pool.

Along with operating on the standard systems, JEWCoin also mints NFTs based on the 613 sacred commandments. These NFTs will go up on sale, each with its unique properties and the users can own the NFT version of the commandments.

Each of these NFTs will be sold every day until all the assets are sold off. Here again, the purpose of creating the commandment NFTs and selling them is to bring luck to the users and those who own the assets.

The users will have to bid on the NFTs to stake their ownership. Those who do not win the bid but have participated will stand to receive a reward for their participation in the holy task. The JEWCoin is bringing religion into the field of crypto coins. By owning JEWCoins and NFTs, the development team believes that the platform users will attract good luck, better wisdom, and the confidence to earn more.

Faster Growth Potential

Right after its launch, the JEWCoin got $1,000,000 in trading volume and only after a day of its launch, the price of one coin reached $1.28, giving it an increase of 4000%. This shows the power of a coin that is attached to a core sentiment of the human psyche, which is hope and faith.

JEWCoin also got 1000 holders in the shortest possible time, which is a self-replicating sort of mechanism. As a project, JEWCoin is focussed on enhancing the user’s confidence and intelligence into making the right investments.

The development company behind JEWCoin has shown that even in this progressive era, amulets and other sacred totems have not lost their relevance. Moreover, companies like JEWCoin are working to merge the two waypoints, technology and faith.

The First Kosher DAO Ecosystem. The JewCoin itself is an internal token of the system, and part of the funds (adhering to the concept of tithing, 10%) of which is sent to synagogues, to support developing projects and support the entire Jewish people.

The JEW token is used to buy NFT collections, which will include the same commandments (613 units), and a number of different products, such as prayers, poems, songs from the Torah, and everything related to this topic. Also, NFT Hamsa, digital amulets that are sold on open NFT sites and that users can get for free (airdrop) for posts on their social networks (with a hold for 30 days!), will be released.

At the same time, working capital from sales of NFT amulets and turnover in JEW is returned to the blocked pool of liquidity, thereby maintaining the value (high value) of both JEW tokens and NFT products.

About JEWCoin

Built as a coin to bring prosperity, and financial wisdom, JEWCoin is a rare cryptocurrency platform. The users can buy the crypto coins from PanCakeSwap and they can also secure NFTs based on the 613 Jewish religious commandments. The users of this crypto platform can buy tokens to improve their earnings and earn from a decentralized platform working to make your investments effective.

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