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Jerry Yu Lawyer: The Benefits of Hiring a Tax Lawyer

Jerry Yu Lawyer

You might need a tax lawyer if you are starting a business, own a taxable estate, or have any tax disputes.

If the word ‘taxes’ gives you shivers, then hiring a tax lawyer that will get this part of your life sorted out might be the right decision for you.

What do these specialists actually do, and how do you know if you need one? Let’s figure that out!

What Do Tax Lawyers Do?

A tax lawyer (or a ‘tax attorney’) is a lawyer whose area of expertise is tax law. There are also experts who specialize in a certain area, like business, international, or estate taxes, for example.

The job duties of a tax lawyer might include:

  • Practicing at accounting firms or law firms. However, there are specialists who work for themselves
  • Advising clients about what they should do to end up with a favorable tax treatment
  • Contracts and legal documents drafting
  • Representing the client in court
  • Assisting clients with complying with different tax rules

When Should You Hire a Tax Lawyer?

The duties of a tax attorney can vary a lot. Of course, an expert can step in if the client is already facing some tax-related problems. But consulting with a lawyer in advance might be a better decision.

So, when exactly should a tax attorney be hired?

  • Starting a business

Should businesspeople choose an LLC, S-corp, or C-corp? A tax attorney will explain which option is the most suitable for a certain business and make sure that the business avoids any possible penalties.

  • Owning a taxable estate

If the total value of the estate exceeds $11 million, the heirs might be required to pay a tax of up to 40%. A tax attorney can help his client stay below that number and reduce the tax liability.

  • Having tax disputes

Clients that are willing to bring a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service; those who are under criminal investigation (by the IRS); clients seeking for an independent review of their particular case – all these people can benefit from the services of a tax lawyer.

Tip: Before hiring a tax lawyer, make sure to check his law license (go to your state’s bar association website) and whether or not the expert has a PTIN (in case you want the attorney to prepare your tax returns).

Jerry Yu Lawyer – Someone You Might Want to Consider

Finding the right tax attorney might be challenging. There are plenty of specialists available online today, and searching for the perfect one might be a bit overwhelming.

If finding a reputable specialist with plenty of experience is the goal, then Jerry Yu Lawyer is the right fit for the job.

Jerry Yu Attorney has over 2 decades of experience in the field. The man obtained a Master’s in Tax Law and, over the years, became a pro in the majority of tax-related areas.

However, today, Jerry Yu Lawyer chose to focus on high-level strategic tax planning (one of the most challenging fields). His area of expertise includes complex trusts, philanthropic issues, state residency transitions, and some other estate planning vehicles.

By the way, Jerry Yu Lawyer is not just a talented tax attorney. The man always wanted to give back to the community and be helpful to as many people as he possibly could. That’s why Jerry Yu Moss Adams also found himself teaching.

He is a member of the faculty at plenty of universities where Jerry Yu Lawyer teaches retirement plans, tax research, real estate transactions, and many other topics that the students can find useful in their future life and career.

Moreover, the specialist gives presentations at different conferences and companies.

Why Should You Hire Jerry Yu Lawyer?

When working with a new client, Jerry Yu takes not only their income but also their background, mentality, and intentions into consideration. Of course, just like any other premium tax attorney, Jerry Yu pays extra attention to the overall situation in the economy that year.

As a result, the expert’s approach is not the same for every client. It is carefully tailored in order to meet the client’s ultimate goal.

Jerry Yu Lawyer is the perfect pick for the taxpayers that want to plan their journey in advance so that they can take advantage of various strategies proposed by the expert.

Finally, Jerry admits that he is totally in love with what he does. He sees himself doing the same thing even in 10 years of time, as working as a tax attorney is both challenging and rewarding.

To Sum Up

There are certain situations and times in life when one might consider hiring a professional tax attorney.

In such a case, choosing Jerry Yu Lawyer might be a great decision. The expert is not only highly skilled and professional but also truly passionate about what he does.

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