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Jerry Reid, CEO of eBookorPrint, Discusses Remote Work And Managing Employees

The past two years have been a challenge for both employers and employees due to the pandemic and now inflation. Prior to the pandemic, there already was a wave of digital nomadism inspiring people to find jobs that allowed them to work and live from anywhere or create a business that allowed them to do so. The pandemic led lawmakers to impose various social distancing and travel restrictions.

As a result, some employees who never thought about working remotely now realize that it is possible and could be something that they want. While ‘The Great Resignation’ movement is recent, the underlying idea isn’t new – this desire to work remotely just happened to be accelerated by the pandemic and accompanying rules.

Jerry Reid, CEO of, explains: “Before the pandemic, eBookorPrint already adopted a flexible working arrangement where people are free to work from home if they wanted to. What we saw was that employees would come into office an average of 2 days a week. This is because sometimes it’s much easier to discuss strategy or resolve issues face to face. Some other tasks could be completed much more efficiently at home, while also saving the employee 1-2 hours a day just on traveling.”

Reid shared various statistics such as Google search trends, books, podcasts, and influencers around remote work to prove his point. Flexible work arrangements by companies are definitely not new. Neither is the desire for employees to have more freedom in terms of being able to choose their working location. 

According to Reid, it’s about managing the employees and managing the employees’ expectations so that everyone is satisfied. He added “What’s more important is how an employer makes work-from-home work for the company. This involves more than just software or implementing a policy that allows people to work from home. It involves understanding that different employees work differently. Some thrive with minimal to no supervision, while some do require a bit more supervision. Some job roles are enhanced with in-person interaction, while some tasks can be completed more efficiently and more effectively when employees work from the comfort of their own home.” 

About Jerry Reid

Jerry Reid is CEO at eBookorPrint. eBookorPrint is focused on providing services to self-published authors to bring them from book content to published books. His personal motto is that anyone can take charge and change their lives, and eBook or Print is dedicated to changing authors’ lives. He has been in publications such as Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and Yahoo News amongst others.

About eBookorPrint 

eBookorPrint is an author services agency that provides self-published authors with various publishing and marketing services. Guided by the belief that the written word is one of the most powerful tools, eBookorPrint works to help all aspiring authors turn an idea into reality. The old model where only large publishing houses and a handful of lucky authors get to publish a book no longer dominates the industry. The agency provides a one-stop shop for authors to turn their manuscripts into a published book, giving them a chance to be seen by the world. Based in New York, the company is currently led by CEO Jerry Reid.

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