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Jerrika Cox, founder of Wifi Wealth, Believes Taking Risk Is Important To Become Financially Independent

Wifi Wealth

Many of us often desire to become independent when it comes to earning money. It is natural to dream of having a regular source of income without the need of working under someone. But, do we work to make such dreams a reality? In most cases, the answer is true ‘No’, however, there are some foster kids who despite having a troubled childhood not only dreamt but are living today a life where they are independent earners. One such individual is the founder of Wifi Wealth, Jerrika Cox.

Jerrika Cox had a very difficult childhood because of which she ended up in the foster care system. While many children just dream of getting out of the system, she had dreams of getting out of it with a good plan. So, she started to focus on her education and eventually, secured a full-ride scholarship at one of the private universities in Seattle. She started to work as an accountant for a boutique law firm when she graduated from her university. She had a goal to become an entrepreneur as she wanted to bask in the freedom and unlimited earning capacity that came with the role.

To be an entrepreneur, Jerrika saved money from her accountant job and used it later to invest in her business and herself. Her first startup was a nutraceuticals eCommerce brand that didn’t last long. Though the business failed she learned to keep on pursuing her dream. It paved the way for her success in the future. Thereafter, she established several businesses some of which included an Internet Marketing Firm, a Social Media Marketing Firm, a Restoration Contracting Company, and two eCommerce-based CBD brands.

Today, her most successful business venture is Wifi Wealth. She saw an opportunity to help other people experience the best thing you can experience in life: financial freedom. She had built financial freedom for herself through passive income streams from her various businesses and found Amazon FBA to be a great way to bring that to the masses. At Wifi Wealth, proprietary software selects high-performing products on the eCommerce platform. Then the team sets up a completely new brand based on it. Such a method of business prevents competitors from stealing their products and listings when they realize how well they are performing. This is the reason why her business is flourishing at uncharted rates.

Another reason behind the success of Wifi Wealth is delegating and hiring. Jerrika delegate all tasks that are not suited specifically to her skill set, and she puts the right people in the right positions in her company. There are no square pegs in round holes at her company. When she hires new people, she evaluates both – the job skills a person possesses as well as their personality to ensure a good company culture fit. This not only ensures client satisfaction but also smooth operation in the company.

As an entrepreneur, Jerrika has no plans to fully retire anytime soon. Particularly, not when she has created passive income streams which allow her to earn money in her sleep. Her biggest success she says has been not needing to rely on anyone else for income since she earns her money from her businesses. Although things haven’t always been financially abundant, the independence and self-sufficiency she experiences are invaluable. Jerrika’s goal now is to make Wifi Wealth known for providing access to financial freedom to anyone who wants it. To everyone who dreams of financial freedom, she advises taking the risk, even if it’s scary or uncomfortable.

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