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Jeremy Berman a Put-In-Bay local Explains Five Things To Consider When Running a Restuarant

Five Things To Consider When Running a Restuarant

Love to serve delicious food? Ready to start a business? Running a restaurant takes a specific skill set, and it’s important to know whether you’re cut out for life in the restaurant world before beginning to put together a business plan. Here, Jeremy Berman a Put-In-Bay local in Ohio, explains what it takes to succeed in the cutthroat culinary industry.

Love Customer Service–Not Just the Food

Yes, serving delicious food is a key component of running a successful restaurant, but it’s important to consider whether it’s a good time to take on the other aspects of running a thriving business. Excellent customer service is important for a restaurant to thrive. Loving to cook for family or for parties is different than cooking for strangers, especially when working to turn a profit. Be sure that now is the right time to take on the person-to-person interaction aspect of running a restaurant, and ready to develop a thick skin to deal with tough patrons and unfair reviews.

Understanding Logistics Matters

Jeremy Berman, local Put-In-Bay resident says that when cooking a delicious meal for family, typically it’s a good idea to take the time to go to the grocery store, make good use of what is already in the kitchen, and call them to the table when a meal is ready. Cooking in a restaurant is much different. Running a tight ship to make a profit, and planning menu changes and specials far in advance to manage a budget and inventory is a very important aspect.

Management And Leadership Skills

As a restaurant owner, managing a team will be a part of the process. Having the management and leadership skills necessary to effectively motivate a crew to succeed is very helpful. Never working in management or leadership before, it’s well worth it to take a class online or at a local university to learn more about how to manage a team.

Delegation Matters

Jeremy Berman explains that when putting a passion into a business, it can be tempting to try to control all aspects of the restaurant. Doing so, however, is a recipe for burnout–and typically doesn’t result in a pleasant experience, for staff, or customers. It’s key to know how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to a trustworthy team.

Experience Helps

Never working in a restaurant, it can be hard to understand the fast pace required to keep up with a busy kitchen. Taking a few months to work behind the scenes in a busy restaurant may give an insight into whether running this type of business is the right fit. According to Jeremy Berman from Put-In-Bay Ohio, goes on to says It helps to have friends that are owners in the restaurant business, that can help by asking them important questions or shadowing them at work for a day or two to get a better idea of what running a successful restaurant takes from day to day.

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