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Jeffrey Kaliel’s Work With Nonprofits


Jeffrey Kaliel is a trusted litigation professional working heavily in the financial sector. He has given many major businesses high-quality help in challenging cases to make it easier for them to get the compensation they needed. However, Jeff also works with non-profits in a way that other litigation experts won’t simply because he knows that these businesses often need even more support.

Why Jeff Kaliel Works With Non-Profits

While Jeff has provided help over the years with many financial litigation services for major corporations, he has continually sought to help non-profits that needed the support. Non-profits don’t usually have the major pull or financial weight as bigger businesses, which can make it hard for them when they go into serious litigation with clients, partners, or other individuals.

For example, he has helped the Humane Society over the years when they’ve been wrongly accused of various issues, including animal cruelty. This group has continually provided a better life for animals and advocates for better treatment of pets. Their many shelters across the nation provide the care and attention that many animals need when they have nowhere else to go.

Jeff Kaliel has also helped this organization by volunteering his time. He has walked many animals and given them a little exercise, which helps to make them healthier. He has also adopted animals from Humane Society groups over the years, giving homes to abandoned and abused animals to ensure a happy and comfortable life.

Kaliel also supports Compassion Over Killing, a group that advocates against factory farming and promotes vegetarian or plant-based eating. While it doesn’t push for a vegan lifestyle, it does advocate more limited animal slaughter with a more personal approach. This includes focusing on locally sourced meats and giving animals a better life and a safer slaughtering process.

Kaliel has supported this group for many years, including in multiple litigation lawsuits that have impacted their success. Through his support, this group has continually expanded since 1995. Originally started as a high school group, they have become a major international organization that tries to educate people on more humane animal treatment, not haranguing them.

Lastly, Jeffrey Kaliel has worked with the National Consumers League to help support their fight for a better understanding of food and animal products in the marketplace. This group continually teaches the public about the dangers of unsafe animal processing practices, highlights the problems that these issues can cause, and mainly discusses the health impact of animal-based diets.

Supporting these groups indicates that Jeff Kaliel is a man who wants to make the world a better place. He has focused much of his energy on improving the treatment of animals and giving them the decent and humane lives they deserve. Like many with these beliefs, he has sought an Animal Bill of Rights to give our furry friends the respect they are due.

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