Jeff Dyck Discovers New Tech Trends for Small Businesses

Jeff Dyck

The difference between a fad and a trend is their success rate over time. Jeff Dyck has been a successful entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he follows current trends in technology. Since digital technology is now a staple in large and small businesses, Jeff Dyck has his eye on new ways to use it.

Data Technology

Data technology is a trend that has made rapid growth in the past several years. While many new businesses may wonder what data tech has to do with retail or food service, this information can improve sales for any industry.

Data technology has several subsets. Automated parallel computation, data mining, and data management are just a few. Jeff Dyck sees a new shift in how this information is used and what it can create. This field is now using Artificial Intelligence to improve marketing and analysis.

Jeff Dyck

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New Tech Trends of 2021

Small business tech trends include artificial intelligence and 5G cellular networks. Because of the pandemic, many tech-related trends are emerging from necessity. Jeff Dyck has noted that mobile sites used for social distancing purposes are more popular than ever. Mobile devices used for no-hands purchasing are now seen at convenient stores and restaurants all over the world. In many cases, entrepreneurs are predicting this type of technology is here to stay.

Human Relations Technology

Comprehensive HR software is key for small businesses. This type of technology allows business owners to understand what their employees need and the overall satisfaction rate.

Since many employees are now working from home, this software can gauge productivity and employee engagement. The culture and communication of a working environment include how people relate to one another on digital platforms. With valuable workplace data, managing productivity is much easier.

Mobile Payments

The foodservice industry has been hit particularly hard in the pandemic. Entrepreneurs like Jeff Dyck have successfully implemented virtual solutions to create customer safety. By using new mobile technology, online shopping can make a contactless way to receive goods.

Mobile terminals at cash registers allow smartphones to purchase items safely. There is no need to enter a PIN number or touch the screen manually by scanning the phone. This cuts down on contamination.

Mobile scanning can also access restaurant menus and orders from a distance. For a faster check-out, this technology will be used by many restaurant and retail businesses long after the pandemic is over.

Connecting Software

There are multiple applications needed to keep a business running smoothly. These apps range from communication platforms to document storage, like Outlook or Google Office. Budgeting and billing apps use separate software programs for their programs.

Many applications do not connect to form one common space. In 2021, however, integration software is increasingly popular. With the ability to view multiple projects at once, there is less likelihood of misplacing data.

Social Networking

Social networking is still an extremely influential form of marketing. Although social media is changing, new websites are now evolving to serve different demographics.

Dating sites, a social networking app that isn’t high-priority for marketing, is a growing industry. Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in dating apps. Advertising for local businesses can be done for many of these sites.

Substack is another new site based on a different kind of social networking. This platform is built for writers and readers and focuses heavily on local address books or friends and family. This can be a particularly effective marketing tool for those with an established internet presence or just a lot of friends.

5G Technology

5G stands for the fifth generation of cellular advancement. This generation has significantly faster data transmission capabilities and more support. Like integrated networks, this network can support new software with additional connectivity options.

For small businesses, 5G can increase productivity for sales channels, transform the customer experience, provide a new level of fast connection and allow higher capacity devices to function easily. Improved mobility also means that small businesses in rural areas can stay connected. This is true for areas in the United States as well as other parts of the world.

This type of technology is still in its early stages. Currently, Verizon launched a 5G network, but it is only available in a few cities. AT&T also has its own 5G network. By having 5G, automation and machine learning will be possible for small businesses.

Artificial Intelligence For Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is not just used by big companies and warehouses. Small business owners can incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their daily business operations to increase comfort and productivity.

Voice assistants are one example of current Artificial Intelligence that can be used in small businesses. Personalized customer experiences can be configured online for virtual shopping. By automating manual tasks, small companies can save money for the growth of their business.

Other types of Artificial Intelligence include robots and apps. The Legal Robot helps business owners understand contracts. It uses neuro-linguistic programming to understand complex information.

Sage AP Automation is an app that automates outgoing and incoming expenses. This makes banking much less stressful and can save energy and time. This type of Artificial Intelligence will enter data and create accurate books.

Small Businesses In The Future

Artificial Intelligence is helping business owners imagine a faster way to run their company. With less labor needed, business owners can save money while still seeing accurate results. Although Artificial Intelligence is a popular new concept, technology is still progressing in other areas. From contactless food service to social media marketing, technology is building a new world of information.  

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