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Jeff Ber Shares the Best Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media

Jeff Ber Social Media

Social media can be an invaluable tool for promoting and growing your business. Today, many people center their Internet experience around browsing social media, and it pays to be visible where people spend most of their time. Today, many people use social media as their primary source for news, entertainment, and connection with their friends and family. Having a vibrant social media presence can be a huge advantage for companies of all kinds.

Jeff Ber, an experienced business professional from Calgary, Alberta, shares how social media can enhance your business.


Social media enhances the visibility of your business. Through targeted ad placement, you can promote your business directly to residents and visitors. When people search for local restaurants in your area, for example, your social media presence should appear. Targeting your audience to specific keywords, age groups, and geographic areas will prevent you from having to spend too much money on advertising to people who are not the right fit for your message. You can also look into the people who are interested in brands similar to yours.


Jeff Ber believes that social media can be incredibly helpful for branding purposes. According to GWI, 40 percent of digital consumers use social media to research new products or brands. You should always make sure that your brand information is authentic and positive. Using your platform to bash another brand will only make your company look bad. Avoid using underhanded tactics to promote your brand, and you will be well on your way toward social media success.

Any social media information that you post should be in accordance with your company’s mission and vision. Spend time sitting down with your most valuable colleagues before you start a social media campaign, and work on determining your brand’s goals and ambitions. You should strive to make your brand positive and authentic, and appealing to the demographics you wish to target.

Social media branding can be highly effective. According to Instagram Business, 90 percent of users follow at least one business. 2 in 3 users say that Instagram helps them interact with their favourite brands. Fifty percent of users have more interest in a brand when they see it advertised on Instagram.

Social media is especially important for brands that advertise to Gen X consumers and younger. Gen Z and Millennial consumers say that social media is their preferred advertising channel.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to integrate your business website and social media. Google’s search engine algorithm favours content marketing, and you can use social media to drive interest in your business’s online content. Featuring your blog posts, essays, photo sets, and other content on social media can lead to organic shares.

Organic Shares

One of the best ways social media can enhance your company’s standing is through organic shares. When people are excited by your brand’s content, they may share it on their news feed or a friend’s wall. This is especially true if you have created a viral advertisement or video. The most shareable content may be humorous, surprising, or nostalgic. When you have properly targeted your message to your desired demographic, you will encourage organic shares.

Mobile Browsing

Up to 13 percent of Canadian users browse the internet primarily from mobile platforms like smartphones or tablets. This percentage may seem low, but it is steadily growing. You should always optimize all of your social media content for mobile platforms.

Keyword Targeting

In addition to demographics and interests, keywords can be another important way to target your intended audience—experiment with posting organic content targeting certain keywords and see how they stack up. In today’s ideologically divided world, you may have more luck with targeting one side or another in the cultural debate.

Pay Attention to Integrity

When you are building a social media reputation, you may be tempted to buy reviews. Resist this temptation at all costs. Having inauthentic reviews will eventually come out, and when it does, your company will lose much of its standing with the public. It is extremely difficult to walk away from such a situation unscathed.

Building Your Reputation on Social Media

Understanding how to build your social media reputation and invigorate your business may seem complicated. Still, if you follow these tips from Jeff Ber, you may have an easier time reaching your target audience. Try to strike a balance between eye-catching viral content and informational posts. You will want to make your brand approachable and honest.

Reaching for Social Media Success

Today, click-through rates are low. If you leverage social media advertising, you may be able to increase your return on investment and bring your company more positive exposure. Social media advertising is easy, affordable, and customizable. Your brand will be promoted in its best light if you follow these social media tips.

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