Jacob Korenblum Discusses Three Ways Marketing Impacts Social Justice Movements

Jacob Korenblum

Establishing a social justice campaign with integrity today is both easier and more difficult than in previous decades. Technology and social media are dynamic platforms for voices that may have been overlooked. People can instantly find out about the latest events around the world through constant news and digital conversations. However, marketers can use these same technologies to, in effect, hijack an honest social cause for their profit. There is, however, another scenario.

When marketers actually believe in causes and sometimes use extensive financial resources and social authority to back a movement for social justice, the movement may gain momentum quickly. People who might not have been interested otherwise may take notice and listen. Activist and digital expert and entrepreneur Jacob Korenblum says with the right support, social justice causes can reach the ears of governments and lead to sweeping reforms that benefit large populations. He offers three examples of marketing’s positive role in social justice movements. 

Boost Social Justice Campaigns

Marketing is generally defined as specific strategies for appealing to groups of consumers. The dark side of marketing in social justice causes is that funds that might be donated to support the cause could be diverted simply to buying products with no connection to the movement. However, Jacob Korenblum says that, in his experience, when marketers are genuinely onboard with a movement, they can give social justice campaigns energy they might not have attained. With effective marketing, you and others, including governments, will keep hearing about that movement in various ways, which boosts its popular momentum and reputation. 

Improve Communications

Experienced marketers and entrepreneurs can help social causes build stronger communication networks with current and potential supporters. Jacob Korenblum, who used his own expertise to help usher in many social improvements around the world, says social causes need consistent ways to spread their messages. Organized and honest marketing that puts social causes before corporate profits can help create cost-effective, strategic communication links within social causes. 

Promote Ethical Consumption and Actions

Whether a social justice movement is focused on building up infrastructure or tearing down harmful, entrenched ideologies, the right marketing can help promote ethical choices. Positive behaviors and habits need regular reinforcement, and Jacob Korenblum says marketing strategies can help keep the message vibrant. When you keep hearing a message about a certain cause, you will be more likely to remember it and allow it to influence your choices, whether through making sustainable purchases, donating to projects, or changing your perspective. 

But by remaining open-minded and creative in our approach to marketing, we can help build a more equitable future for all.

Jacob Korenblum Bio

Jacob Korenblum began his professional career by working for the Education Development Center, a nonprofit organization focused on improving human lives globally. He worked for OXFAM, a famed nonprofit. Jacob Korenblum also founded a nonprofit organization to provide internet access for job seekers in Palestine, and he has used his expertise to improve digital services for Ontario. He has been involved with UNESCO, UNICEF, and The Global Citizens’ Initiative, an organization focused on climate protection and human rights. 

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