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Jackson Yew Explains the Steps to Building a Successful Sales Funnel

Jackson Yew

Jackson Yew’s first job was as a Sales Engineer in a company that sold palm oil machines. But it wasn’t his dream job. After getting tired of his routine 9 to 5 job, he dreamed of becoming his boss. He also learned how to develop sales funnels, build landing pages, generate leads, web development, and strategic selling techniques. Jackson never got formal training in any of these areas. It was his passion that led him to learn everything alone.

According to Jackson, the only way to make your company grow is to generate quality leads and turn them into customers. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, a sales funnel can make a big difference. Jackson’s ship salvaging company shut down after two years. Since it was a very niche market, he learned the importance of acquiring targeted leads. With this experience, he now develops sales funnels for some of the world’s biggest brands and lectures on what makes a successful sales funnel.

Why are a sales funnel essentially for your business?

Jackson believes that a sales funnel can make or break your business. It is a tool that drives sales and guides your company’s marketing strategies. Over the years, Jackson has helped various brands narrow down their target audiences to plan their marketing strategies and get better responses from their marketing campaigns.

He thinks that people should see a sales funnel from the marketing perspective instead of the website’s perspective. It will allow entrepreneurs to come up with innovative strategies to make their sales funnels effective. 

How Jackson builds sales funnels

Jackson doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all formula for developing sales funnels. He believes that flexibility is crucial in creating the best sales funnel for your business. His first job is to listen to the marketing objectives of his client. This helps him figure out the target audience. He then steps into their shoes to understand precisely what they need. Accordingly, Jackson comes up with a sales funnel idea. He works on the concept for a few days before getting back to his client.

Again, the sales funnels may vary from one company to another. Jackson focuses on the target audience before developing anything. From first impressions to converting leads into customers, he has to keep various factors in mind while creating a sales funnel.

His success means the success of his clients. He has already helped more than 302 companies to multiply their incomes and revenue streams. His immense popularity and expertise allowed him to collaborate with some of the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs, such as Brad Lea, Dan Lok, Mike Dillard, and Frank Kern. They make 7 to 9-figure revenues every year.

Jackson’s step-by-step plan of action is what makes his sales funnels successful. He listens to his clients’ demands before doing anything. It gives him room to improvise and implement innovative strategies according to different marketing objectives. He believes that anyone who wants to develop successful sales funnels should follow this approach.

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