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Jack Zuckowsky is Taking his Company Social Summit to New Heights

During most of 2020 and 2021 thus far, the world has been experiencing a global pandemic. Although this does not come as news for anyone, it is essential to note the impact of businesses and the transition to an online-based way of providing service. With stretches lasting days and even months, the US alone averaged 800 small businesses closing per day; it was a tough time to be a small business owner.

Appearing as though owning a business was extremely hard during these times, it would deter most people from investing more time into one. That is exactly the opposite when it comes to the owner of Social Summit, Jack Zuckowsky. He has been established in the internet headspace since 2016 and is now doubling down on his investment into himself and his business.

“The one thing I want my audience to know is to never give up on their goals. If you never give up, you can’t lose. I haven’t learned from my successes but from my failures. For years I never saw a crazy amount of income, but I still never gave up. I knew that if I put the time and effort into the business and re-invested my revenue the right way, I would be able to scale it to do more over time,” says Zuckowsky.

He has defied the odds and taken his company Social Summit to new heights during a global pandemic. It is only the beginning for this young entrepreneur, as he has plenty more in store. Be sure to stay on the lookout for Jack Zuckowsky in the future.

Check out Jack Zuckowsky on Instagram here.

Head to Social Summit’s website here.

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