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IV Therapy is Coming to a City Near You Thanks to The DRIPBaR and CEO Ben Crosbie

Advances in health and wellness are a constant in what is a fast-growing and multi-trillion-dollar industry. Whether it’s new vitals-tracking technology, computer-generated personal trainers, concierge fitness centers, accessibility to holistic medicine, or vitamin regimens, the trends are coming fast and furious. But the difference between a trend and a true advancement lies in its effectiveness and ease of use by the general population. The DRIPBaR IV vitamin therapy has landed squarely in the “advancement” category.

Founded in 2016 and made available for franchising in 2019, The DRIPBaR is able to provide more energy, less stress, less frequent illnesses, and overall improved health in just 20 minutes to an hour. Receiving nutrients intravenously is a much more efficient way to achieve bloodstream absorption than going through the digestive tract. Beyond efficiency, intravenous nutrients and antioxidants support organs, neutralize harmful free radicals, and strengthen the immune system by being fully absorbed.

The DRIPBaR now boasts over 50 operational locations and has over 500 locations in development across all 50 states. CEO Ben Crosbie anticipates that the number of franchises will surpass 1,000 as the company’s growth continues to accelerate. As the general public comes to understand that their health is dependent on more than diet, exercise, and traditional healthcare, therapies like those offered at The DRIPBaR are gaining popularity. By supporting physical, mental, and cellular wellness, clients can live a more energized life, free from the effects of many diseases.

What Sets The DRIPBaR Apart

IV therapy isn’t an entirely new concept; many large cities have had IV bars for well over a decade. Often used to help cure hangovers, combat flu season, and replenish lost fluids due to strenuous exercise or work, IV therapy was embraced by the health-conscious crowd years ago.

But as Crosbie brings IV therapy to the masses, The DRIPBaR sets itself apart in several important ways:

  • High Safety Standards
  • Focused on Cellular Health
  • Personalized Approach
  • Curated Vitamin Drips
  • All Drip Specialists are RNs
  • Relaxing Day Spa Environment

The DRIPBaR is elevating the IV therapy business in every way. From their mobile services to their drip parties to their specialized programs, their team is trained to provide anything that can enhance or customize the experience for their clients. For those that don’t have time for a full IV drip, IM shots can be administered immediately; oral supplements are also offered.

In their thorough efforts to make life more convenient for clients, they even offer additional services like infrared saunas, facials, and Botox. With a full staff of RNs, clients can rest assured that their health and wellness are in good hands.

Benefits of IV Therapy

If you’re not familiar with IV therapy, you’ll want to be. It is well-documented to provide a boost of energy, accelerated recovery, immune system support, anti-aging effects, hydration and replenishment of nutrients, and enhancement of athletic performance.

There are countless conditions that can be improved or remedied with regular IV support. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Brain Fog
  • Cancer Support
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout
  • Gut Health
  • Migraines
  • Pain Relief
  • Post Covid Relief
  • Pre and Post Operative Support
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Stress

Millions of people have benefited from IV vitamin therapies, and you can too. Unlike traditional vitamin regimens, whose results are not always felt, The DRIPBaR clients feel improvements right away. Whether it is increased energy, elevated mood, better focus, or overall relaxation, the many benefits of IV therapy can be immediate.

Who is Ben Crosbie?

Crosbie started out as a personal trainer, later creating his own high-end fitness center, full-service spa, and cafe which he grew to three locations. He then founded and developed the popular martial arts-infused fitness business, TapouT Fitness. He ultimately grew the brand to sell over 500 franchise locations in 11 countries.

Equally well-versed in health and wellness and in business, Crosbie specializes in franchise development, having founded ZOR411 in 2019 to help scale creative business ideas into worldwide franchise opportunities. With such extensive knowledge of, and a personal passion for, fitness and overall better health, Crosbie is drawn to wellness businesses with mass appeal. The DRIPBaR is a perfect fit in his portfolio.

A Rejuvenating Solution

The DRIPBaR has been called a rejuvenating solution, extending beyond the constraints of traditional healthcare offerings. DRIPBaR clients set out to live a healthy, youthful life. With their DRIPBaR membership, they are taking advantage of the highest level of scientific advancements. Whether they are seeking a remedy for a chronic condition, looking to feel younger or look younger, clients can achieve their goal with IV vitamin therapy.

When it comes to optimal health, clients count on The DRIPBaR for creative, thoughtful, and scientifically-based approaches – and they aren’t disappointed.


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