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It’s time to kick some assets…

Assetspire are not just the new kids on the block, we are a game-disrupting, revolutionary DCIM software company, and we have just launched our first ever competition. Should you accept your mission, players could be in with a chance of winning an XBox Series X as they climb the leaderboard!

Introducing ‘Asset-ins Creed’, the ultimate-running, asset-kicking game that features a few familiar faces… Hmm.. What a familiar looking sun-shaped bird… is that a decrepit Trellis we spy? 

The quest is simple – go to our ‘Asset-ins Creed’ page smash the competitors, collect your assets and get the highest score possible to win! Play the game on our website and score over 3,000 to be in with a chance of winning the star prize. A word of warning though, this game is totally addictive! Can you beat our in-house top score?

Assetspire is taking the DCIM market by storm, unafraid to take on the competition and go head to head with the big players that have been dominating the DCIM software market for years. Assetspire believes it’s finally time to do things differently, and get DCIM right. 

With two pioneering software products designed to revolutionise the DCIM industry, Assetspire offers users the chance to unlock the potential in their data centre to finally make assets and data work as they should. 

Bringing together two leading-edge industry leaders, Assetspire has partnered with Ekkosense to bring you an intuitive and integrated exciting alternative to traditional DCIM – 3DCIM.

With 3DCIM, businesses can instantly access the data they need to optimise assets and truly understand their data to reduce risks of downtime. Additionally, 3DCIM users can gain a saving of 30% on annual energy costs AND see an ROI on investment in under 12 months. Pretty impressive stuff, right?

3DCIM offers a real-world solution to so many of the difficulties experienced by data centres as we move into the challenging world of ‘big data’. With increased demands on data usage worldwide, it has never been so imperative for data providers to be able to be reactive, agile and prepared for the unexpected. 

Spire™ is the next-generation solution to DCIM, created from the best asset management capturing software available, hosted on a platform capable of universal data control. 

Designed for easy and seamless user experience, the innovative Spire™ platform provides intelligent asset management for any type of asset, and any type of business. It’s smart stuff – mobile optimised for intuitive live reporting, completely adaptable to your needs and delivering accurate data every time.

Next-gen DCIM software, powered by predictive analytics and cloud connectivity, is a pretty big deal. And it’s not just us saying it. Not only is it shaping the DCIM market – expected to reach over $6 billion in 2026 – but it is also transforming the way our industry is run.

Traditionally, old-style DCIM provided data centre managers with on-premises solutions, enabling monitoring and planning to manage capacity, change and assets. Old-style DCIM risk management revealed some serious drawbacks however – once an alert is discovered, recovery times are limited to staff’s ability to respond on the ground. More often than not downtime is already happening, costing a business time and money.

Next-gen DCIM like Spire™ and 3DCIM deliver all the basics that traditional solutions offer, but with the huge difference that with software that can be hosted in the cloud, functionality can be delivered that isn’t available on-premises. Easy to deploy, combined with seamless integration and automated updates means our software addresses many of the pain points experienced by traditional DCIM. Alerts are automated and risks are identified rapidly, accelerating response times and bringing a multitude of benefits to data centre providers.

Intelligent software systems need to seamlessly integrate users and organisations and make cumbersome DCIM management tools a thing of the past (add them to that drawer you keep your old USB drives in…)

Assetspire are right at the forefront of these shifts, and we, and our innovative, mould-breaking software, work hand in hand with data centre businesses to empower you to be ready for what the future holds. 

So what are you waiting for? Asset-sins Creed is just the first step on a transformative journey towards DCIM that finally works, with a company that is unafraid to challenge the status quo so embraced by our competitors. 

The data asset management revolution has arrived.

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