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It’s in the Game: An Interview with Andrius Miron, CEO Gamestarter, the All-in-One Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Welcome Gamestarter! First, can you tell us a little about who you are and what led you to create Gamestarter? 

Thank you for having us! 

We started as gaming and blockchain experts who collectively saw that there is a major gap in the market for an ecosystem that can connect project founders and gaming enthusiasts.

We started Gamestarter as a loud middle finger to the status quo, which allows for the big guys to continue dominating the gaming industry without innovating or sharing with the community simply because of the amount of money they can throw into hype marketing campaigns. 

Thus we created Gamestarter, an ecosystem comprising a gaming studio, launchpad, and accelerator. Basically, all of the vital parts to launch and scale a crypto gaming project can be found within Gamestarter, also a loyal community that is eager to play the next great blockchain game!

In your view, how will blockchain shape the gaming industry in the future? Why do you think there is such a current interest in the space?

It will set us free! Right now, gaming companies create experiences for players that are owned exclusively by the studio that made them.

This will change with blockchain. Digital assets and the digital identity of the player should belong to the player, not the studio. 

Also by using play to earn and other mechanisms games can now share the value that otherwise would have just gone to the hands of the studio.

The space is growing rapidly due to the hunger for great gaming experiences and blockchain gaming changes the current dynamic of how games are funded and who controls the digital assets

You’re a “full-scale gaming ecosystem for IGOs and NFT pre-sales.” Unpack that for us, how will users benefit from your platform?

We wanted to create Netflix for blockchain gaming – everything under one roof. We carefully select, incubate, and provide full blockchain development and marketing support for quality projects. We provide VC-level access opportunities to our community, our launchpad users can acquire high-value project assets (tokens / NFTs) before the launch. In fact, our community gets a better deal than VCs, as we have a safety net in place, protecting the funds. We also have our in-house game development studio with 3 major titles in development, so we know the game development process inside out.

How can Gamestarter support game developers who are currently working away on the next generation of blockchain games? 

We provide full business development and technical support for teams that want to innovate and accelerate their projects. Also, we provide a set of best practices that we learned the hard way by developing our own games. 

Can you tell us about your Accelerator? Do developers need to be in your accelerator to use your tools?

We share our tools and know-how with all the projects that we partner with or launch with us. Projects expecting more marketing and development resources can also use the accelerator’s services as we have a dedicated success team and a global developer network.

You talk of ‘visually and spatially connecting games’ and ‘reinventing IGOs’. Is your intention to let users be able to participate in IGOs through virtual space?

We aim to be the innovators and pioneers in the blockchain gaming industry, naturally moving to virtual space is the next step. Gamestarter Metaverse is currently in development and it will surely hold surprises and shake up the crypto-gaming community. Seeing is believing and by creating an immersive environment we will establish a new standard on how players experience the impending merge of traditional games incorporating the best elements of blockchain.

Can you tell us of some upcoming projects on your platform you are particularly excited about and why?

Of course! We are very excited about our own Dark Frontiers, Pixel Pix, and one more stablecoin and NFT-based game that will be introduced soon. 

We also have over 100 projects waiting on our Gamestarter launchpad, steadily building and preparing for the launch. 

What is the biggest obstacle to mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming and how does Gamestarter help solve it?

There are a few. First, experienced game development studios avoid getting into the blockchain space, because they are aware of how much time and resources are required to create a good game. 

Creating even a mediocre game requires hard work and at least a couple of years of development. Now, couple that with the explosive nature of blockchain technology and you basically multiply the complexity of the project. Therefore, there are no great examples of fully AAA gaming experiences yet, that would be the trendsetter. 

Secondly, crypto is a specific audience, and people come to the space expecting a different experience. Only companies that create games that have great gaming experiences coupled with blockchain and attention to the community will see true adoption.

What is the utility of the $GAME token? Why might users be interested in it?

The main functionality is the ability to participate in IGOs and INOs and also the seamless integration into the games and experiences created within the Gamestarter ecosystem.

Finally, do you have any upcoming events or announcements that you’d like to share exclusively with us and our readers?

We are creating an investment vehicle that will support gaming projects/infrastructure solutions and will facilitate their growth. 

Keep an eye out on our socials, we have many exciting games in the pipeline, be sure not to miss them!

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