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It’s all about the punching power! Isn’t it?


Those who practice boxing or intend to start it often find themselves fascinated by the impact of a punch they land on a training device or fellow contestant. For a long time, people vouched for heavy gloves for training to build strength for a better punching pace. They believed that you could strike solid once they returned to the regular-size gloves. On the other hand, some gym trainers recommend training with resistance bands and dumbbells in shadow boxing to improve speed. It can make you confused about your choices and question them too. While you cannot gain anything overnight, specific measures or precautions can refine your boxing experience.

Exploring the power of resistance

A fighter who uses 10oz gloves in competition can train in 12oz gloves. And if someone wears 8oz gloves in fighting, they need to practice their punches in 10oz gloves. Similarly, you will want to train in 10oz to 14oz gloves to spar in 12oz gloves. The experts say that wearing 20% lighter gloves for the competition will impact your punching style. Practicing on the bags and pads can be ideal if you want the highest punch speed. Sparring may help less. In this context, another point to ponder is the use of heavy dumbbells or resistance bands to improve the punches. Seasoned boxers and gym trainers say these can be harmful and may not contribute much to your techniques.

Resistance bands often affect your arm extension by slowing it down due to the amount of resistance it puts. Consequently, you can imagine that it will not help with acceleration when you throw a punch.

Lightweight vs. heavyweight gloves

You can visit for all types of options. Before this, it’s crucial to understand the role of the gloves’ weight in your punching technique. Heavy gloves allow you to land solid punches at a slower speed than desired. You can contract your muscles easily for a faster strike with lighter options. You cannot rely on regular gloves for this effect. Experts say heavier styles can be apt for boxing movements other than punching.

Be careful of punching mistakes!

In the excitement of feeling the power, some boxers often forget the basic rules and err with their punch techniques. For example, one must remain on the ground to create the proper force. But some people need to pay more attention to this to avoid disappointment with their poor punching speed. Then, a fast and hard punch requires your muscles to be loose. If you keep them stiff, your blows will lack power. You will not be effortless also. Another area where one tends to falter is the need for more focus on balancing the body weight. If you extend far, you will lose your balance, and your punch will not be effective. On the contrary, balancing body weight allows you to resume your boxing stance quickly after a strike.

It’s good to aim for something and work on it. However, it’s also necessary to understand that techniques take time and effort to develop well. So, take your time with it when you can build your strength in a planned manner.

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