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It’s All About Giving Back To The Right People at the Right Time – Mazayah Legend Andrew’s Mindset

Web series, reality shows, documentaries, telefilms, and movies have become the most popular forms of entertainment. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, YouTube and many more emerging streaming services are proof of its rising popularity. Given how people are heavily interested in movies and TV series to de-stress, this industry has become one of the most enjoyable and interesting around the globe, attracting millions of content creators and movie directors/producers. Mazayah Legend Andrew’s stellar career has mapped the way to his own successful ventures and today you can find him on literally every major platform that has ever existed. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Mazayah has managed to grow his audience on his own by being the best in every possible way. Whatever people dream about, Mazayah is already good at it. Above all, the way he has patronized Polygamy relationships in mainstream media, he will always be remembered as the flag bearer. Coming into a Polygamy relationship may look easier but making sure that all your wives grow and leave a legacy behind, is not everyone’s cup of tea.


As they say, ‘No one is going to hand you success, Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain’ that’s what Mazayah has believed in. Even though he lost 20 Million due to a huge conspiracy, he made all that back as his success was not a one hit wonder, he has mastered his skills and he can overshadow any amount of hatred that’s thrown towards him. Vakarui Paris is one the fastest growing clothing brands that was started by Mazayah himself from scratch and in a short period of time he has opened multiple stores throughout the US. Step by step, day by day, he has managed to grow in every aspect of life. As a husband, as a son, as a father to two beautiful children, as a brother and as a friend, he knows how to take care of everyone and that’s how he is able to lead his life as King Size.


Mazayah firmly believes in giving back to the society and he has been doing it since day 1, for him it’s not the amount you donate, it’s about the heart you put into that. Mazayah is also known for his Philanthropic side, not only he has helped countless people but he has also helped many new businesses to grow with his expertise and knowledge. He has broken all the stereotypes related to his Polygamy lifestyle and he knows that a lot of people suffer through that everyday. They may not talk about it but it’s evident that the society still keeps a cold heart against a specific community. Mazayah and his wives are planning to build a beautiful city for Poly Life in Wyoming that’s about 80 acres of land. He purchased this land with the help of the multiple businesses he has set up for his wives and they took it to the next level of success with passion and dedication. As Mazayah believes in sharing he is also planning to come up with a book about Polygamy that would not only help people to learn from his experiences but it would help them to grow as an individual as well. 

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