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ITC Welcomes New Members in Their Drive for International Business Superiority


The International Trade Council (ITC), a premier global organization, is thrilled to welcome an impressive 135 new members. Originating from 39 unique nations, these businesses have joined the ITC’s esteemed community over the past week. These progressive, forward-thinking organizations have demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing international trade. By joining the ITC, they are taking a significant stride towards expanding their global footprint and capitalizing on the array of benefits provided by the Council.

The ITC’s new members comprise a diverse group of companies, from various industries and geographical locations. These include Amouve, Asva Labs, Clippers Argentina, D.S Agro Industries Dhankuta, Delloop, Digipharm, EagleRail Container Logistics, Egytrans, Eleven 09, Esirom, Euro Tour, Exy Intellectual Property, Factory.Sale, Fala Group, FEMW, Finbird Technologies Pvt Ltd, Gamigo Portals, Go Logistics, Healventure Biosciences, Hegelmann Transporte, ICAT Logistics, iValue, Kagayaku Logistic, Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation, Kontzoglu Bros Distribution Network, KOS Legal Services, Mermaid Ventures, NB United, Nimble Worldwide, Omron Automation Europe, Polymertal, PressEx Logistics, Questor Technology, Rakan Asia International, Savola Group, Sirotin Ventures, Skylink Logistics Malaysia, SNA Europe, Stewart Attorneys, Vitae Litera, Wabtec, YULEX, Attorneys & Strategies, and Zeigler Logistics.

As members of the ITC, these companies will gain access to a wide array of benefits specifically designed to support their ambitious global expansion efforts. These benefits encompass numerous areas, all intended to provide the members with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in a global marketplace.

One of the key advantages of ITC membership is the networking opportunities it offers. Members get the chance to connect with influential business leaders and professionals from a myriad of industries. This opens up possibilities for partnerships, collaborations, and exchange of ideas that can fuel growth and innovation.

Another substantial benefit is access to vital market intelligence and insights. This information, which encompasses a wide range of sectors and markets, is crucial for making informed decisions and developing tailored expansion strategies. It offers a strategic advantage, giving members a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, trends, and potential challenges that they might encounter in their global expansion.

ITC members also have exclusive opportunities to participate in international multi-sector trade missions organized by the Council. These missions feature pre-scheduled and pre-qualified B2B and business-to-government meetings. These high-value interactions provide direct access to potential partners, clients, and government representatives, which could prove instrumental in expanding their business reach.

The ITC further offers its members exclusive invitations to industry conferences, webinars, and events. These platforms provide a wealth of knowledge, enabling members to stay informed on the latest trends, developments, and innovations within their sectors.

Moreover, ITC offers business advisory services, providing guidance on a range of topics including import/export processes, regulatory requirements, certifications, and more. This kind of support is invaluable for companies venturing into new markets, helping them navigate complexities and operate efficiently.

The International Trade Council is steadfast in its commitment to supporting its members in their pursuit of international business excellence. The continuous growth of the ITC community underscores its dedication to promoting international trade and stimulating economic growth worldwide.

The ITC welcomes businesses interested in broadening their international reach and leveraging the Council’s comprehensive resources to consider membership. For more information about the International Trade Council and the multitude of benefits it offers to its members, please visit

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