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IT recruitment Poland – why it’s worth it

IT recruitment Poland is trending and grabbing the tech world’s attention, and there are good reasons for that. One of them is Poles’ characteristic features like cleverness, swiftness, and the ability to do old things in new ways. Because they are also very versatile and entrepreneurial, this usually brings excellent results, particularly in the IT-related industries and disciplines.

High-tech employers and foreign investors can take advantage of it fully by hiring the best Polish IT professionals. And IT is undoubtedly the industry where it’s excellent when profound knowledge meets the innovative approach. Thus, investors may gain new, inspiring, and time-saving solutions achieved without cutting corners thanks to utilizing those outstanding abilities, provided that they choose the proper IT recruitment Poland agency, like Sowelo Consulting.

IT recruitment Poland – looking for the robust workforce 

Of course, there are many ways of cooperating with Polish developers, and an employment contract is only one of them. Others include B2B contracts, immensely popular among Polish programmers and a freelance basis. What’s essential, this robust workforce is easily accessible across the whole country. It’s not only Warsaw or Krakow – the two biggest Polish cities – high on the list. Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, and many other smaller places are essential on the Polish IT map. And in the remote-first times, even IT specialists from small towns enjoy careers they wouldn’t have developed before. And companies they cooperate with enjoy the mixture of their high competencies and resourcefulness.

Moreover, Poland has recently witnessed a massive influx of software developers from neighboring countries, such as Ukraine or Belarus. This certainly enriches the Polish IT market and makes it even more attractive. As well as increases the number of IT professionals available within it. On the other hand, one cannot overlook Poland’s proximity to Western Europe – in both cultural and geographical terms. Central location in Europe gives Poland an unrivaled competitive edge over many other countries. And a plethora of investors benefit from it, too, taking advantage of its robust job market.

What’s also worth mentioning, Poland uses Central European Time (CET), just like most of the Western European states. That’s comfortable and helpful not only for travels of all kinds but also for doing business. And that doesn’t only mean contacting Sowelo Consulting recruitment agency but also running a business daily. Having IT professionals available within one’s reach – on-site or online – makes it smooth and easy. Moreover, centrally-located Poland makes it easy to reach out to many important destinations nearby. These include Scandinavia, Baltic States, Russia, and the Balkans.

IT recruitment Poland – perfect conditions

As for Poland, both distant locations and neighboring countries and domestic destinations are easily accessible. This is possible thanks to a vast, extensive, and modern infrastructure – encompassing aviation and airports, railways, and motorways. Within 30 years following the fall of communism, Poland has achieved immense success in many ways and areas. And the economic one is undoubtedly the most evident. However, it’s complemented by the political one – Poland joined NATO in 1998 and the European Union in 2004.

Despite being kept behind the „iron curtain” after WWII, Poland regained its right to decide 30 years ago. And now, it can fully show off its great possibilities and enormous potential. It is reflected, among others, in the state’s advancement to the group of countries with very high human development levels. According to the 2020 report, Poland ranked 35th out of 189 states in a data set representing Human Development Index. This comparison, compiled by the United Nations Development Programme, utilized 2019 data. It used factors such as Gross National Income per capita, education, and health. Hungary (40th place), Russia (52nd), Turkey (54th), and Ukraine (74th) were some of the countries that were left behind.

Latin alphabet is in use in Poland, and the English language is something that young people are commonly fluent in. And this is especially the case of IT or tech professionals. Moreover, many international IT teams are based in Poland, working on-site, totally online, or within the hybrid model. Some use English in their day-to-day work, and some IT specialists don’t even speak Polish. The COVID-19 pandemic made this trend even stronger and more evident. As well as other significant changes to the Polish job market, including IT recruitment Poland.

IT recruitment Poland in the post-pandemic world 

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic made the Polish market even more accessible to IT specialists. In remote-first times, when employers opened to a partially or fully remote work model, employees adapted to it very fast. And many of them continued to work from home, despite having the option to come back to the office later. The increasing popularity of telecommuting also had another aspect: IT specialists from smaller towns have become more available.

Without the necessity of actual commuting or moving to major cities, they’ve got access to great job opportunities. And even when paid less than their colleagues living in Warsaw or Krakow, they were still happy about their jobs. It’s also because they gave them enough time and space for keeping a work-life balance. However, what started to count more in the case of IT professionals was seniority – a survey by NoFluffJobs indicated.

And in the case of people interested in making IT or technology investments, new flexible solutions became available, too. Apart from cooperating with IT specialists within remote or hybrid models, new options for renting office spaces appeared. They imply greater mobility of the workforce and certain flexibility that enables adapting the working space to current needs. Open spaces are less popular now, and smaller spaces enabling privacy, teleconferencing, or even individual calls are rising. Offices assuring advanced COVID-19 protection are also easily accessible in Poland. 

And flexibility also concerns the types of agreements regarding renting office spaces. Currently, companies may rent them for shorter periods, which helps to do business in these more uncertain times. And because many entities decided to stay within a remote or hybrid model, great offices have become even more available. On top of that, their prices tend to be lower in some instances.

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