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How Fintech Can Help You Build A Successful IT Or Tech Business Online.

Financial Technology even in the midst of its disruptive tag, tries to create some innovative consensus between Finance and Technology; creating easy, faster, reliable and accountable access and management of finance. One aim is to help solve some of the problems individuals and businesses are facing with regards to getting the write support and financial backup to build a successful business. This innovation has favoured the Internet and Tech Business Industry so well, creating more opportunities for IT Jobs and Startup Tech Businesses.

There is an increase in awareness all over the world on how effective the Internet has become as a tool for online and offline business growth and manufacturing capabilities. Growing with this trend is the demand for professionals who specialize in helping businesses and individual establish an online presence. These are the Programmers, Web designers and IT consultant in general.

So If you decide to start your own IT or Tech Business Online, we are here to provide you with useful resources, contacts and links to help you start and build that Tech Business of your dream. The points in this article will help you start small as a Freelancer or setting up your self employed Tech Business. But if you want to go big, you might need contacts of Accelarators , Investors, Crowdfunding guides or any of the benefits Fintech Offers you, browse around our website, you will get the help you need.

What IT Or Tech Business Can You Do?

WordPress Setup, Customization, Developments, Management, Themes etc

Website Builders & CMS

Web Programming


Mobile Apps & Web

Desktop applications

 IT Support

Data Analysis & Reports

Convert Files

Database Management

Software Testing

How to Start IT & Tech Business Online

These are the steps necessary to create an IT and programming business online. If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, you work at your own pace and get unlimited income here is how to start.

  • Calculate start up cost – You can start by making a list of basic equipment that will be needed for the start up and running of your business such as costs of latest software and so on.
  • Establish Your Brand – customers need to be aware that they are getting someone who is a professional but still flexible according to their demand and so on.
  • Create your own website portfolio – You will need something to show people what you are capable of in the IT word. For example, nobody will want to patronize a web designer without a website. Your website should state what service you offer and provide an easy way for people to contact you whenever possible.
  • Set your price lists – you need to know how much to charge. You can choose to charge by any method that suit you be it hourly or the complexity of the project.
  • Set up your routine – Having a daily schedule that defines your different activities for the most appropriate time of day for each project. This will help you to always be productive.
  • Join networks – You will need online community where you can interact with others. These include experienced IT and programming guru who can teach you more and other services offered by freelancer closely related to yours.
  • Market your business – No one will hire your services if they are not aware they exist. Market your business well in order to attract customers.

Necessary Skills Needed to Start IT & Tech Business Online

Depending on what works and its specific situation. IT and programming business online requires technical skills of programming and the ability to apply these principles to any problem based on what is encountered. “Soft skills like communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to learn new technologies quickly, effectiveness and creativity is very important. Some of the Technical skills you will probably need to know for a start include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop, jQuery, PHP Ruby
  • Python / Ruby / Java / C#
  • MySQL / Microsoft SQL / Oracle
  • Preprocessors (Sass / Stylus, Typescript / CoffeeScript)
  • Task Runners (Gulp / Grunt)
  • Dependency Managers (Composer, NPM (Node), Bower
  • Front and Back End Frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap / Foundation Backbone, Knockout, Vue, Ember, Laravel, ASP.NET, or any other frameworks that are using the language of your choice.

TOOLS Needed to Start IT & Tech Business Online

Below I’ve listed a list of tools that I recommend for any web designer.

  • Pixate – an app created for making intuitive and interactive prototypes for Android and iOS.
  • Affinity- provides non-destructive adjustable layers to adjust images or vector without any damage.
  • Avocode – This tool makes websites and app coding very easy for developer from Photoshop or sketch drawings.
  • Dreamweaver CS6 – Fluid analysis, CSS3 transitions and increased support for PhoneGap
  • Adobe Kuler – A great tool created by Adobe that allows uploading, creating and changing of color scheme of your choice.
  • MOQUP – is HTML5 application used for creating wireframes, User interface or Mockups. Style and features are very similar Balsamiq.
  • WordPress – WordPress takes the cake with regards to content management systems. It’s the most popular blog posting turned into content management in the world of CMS.
  • Cyberduck – one of the best FTP clients with countless ways to connect to a local server, web server, access device through SSH and more.
  • Others include Pictaculous, Web Fonts GOOGLE, 1140 Grids CSS, Joomla, Fontella, Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks, GRID 960, etc.

SITES to Monetize your skills


Web design industry has experienced significant growth in almost two decades and is expected to wax for many years to come. If you understand the steps involved in creating a website, this knowledge can be turned into the most lucrative business you ever dream of.

If you are unemployed or you want to change to a different career in the Tech industry, I hope this piece of information will help you start somewhere. Don’t forget to share this with love to your friends and Family who might need these helpful tips.

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