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It is official – CryptoBridge Exchange has announced that it’s shutting down 


Crypto Bridge Exchange will be closing all deposits from December 3 23:59 GMT 2019 with withdrawals following after December 15 23:59 GMT and they’re calling out for all their users to complete their trades and withdraw their funds before the said dates. CryptoBridge’s social media channels have been closed since December 2 , the last and latest updates can be found on their website – This is a very disturbing news for several traders worldwide, and particularly for those trading ColossusXT coin (COLX) since CryptoBridge has generated nearly 90% of the total COLX trading volume.

While Crypto Bridge is asking all users to withdraw they have also implemented KYC recently, which now comes to the larger question of approval as a test run the attempt of KYC was done and rejected 3 times which starts the question of can users actually withdraw before the cut off Date of 15th December,

While some are forced to close their business, others are just starting out. One of the most recent emerging exchanges is the 1st Blockchain Business in Moldova the very first crypto exchange which was formerly known as Drachmae Market part of the Drachmae Project Proof of Concept around Grexit in 2015 to explore tokenization with asset backing which received numerous media outlet coverage CNBC, Forbes, TechCityNews to just name a few.

Drachmae Market in 2019 was rebranded CiviliXation Digital Economies, They are already accepting registrations and are starting out with 6 digital coins initially, including an astounding support of eight fiat currencies – EUR, GBP, MDL (Moldovan leu), USD, RUB, RON, UAH and CHF with last of all CiviliXation Cooperative shares. More coins are to be added in the future, with COLX being one of the very first if the negotiations between the team and the exchange are successful. In the event of COLX listing, airdrop of 100 COLX (??) is planned to all the accounts created between today and December 18 2019.

The news about the launch of Drachmae Market (CiviliXation)  which came out from a major blockchain and cryptocurrency event hosted by the Moldovan capital, was covered by both local and foreign crypto media. Founder Digital & Distributed Technology Moldova Association (DTMA) Lee Gibson Grant announced at the conference that he approached the central bank and requested a no objection letter, which he recieved in 2017, which could be interpreted as an indirect permission to operate even tho there was no current legislation in Moldova but, under the letter of the Central Bank it states to apply KYC/AML. Further talks are in progress.

CiviliXation  is also one of the currently very few exchanges where you can buy SubSudio tokens (SUBS) Also Subsudio purchased 5% of CiviliXation Cooperative shares making a minority stake holder in the exchange – the utility tokens for the SubSudio ecosystem that’s building a brand new and very unique privacy-centric alternatives to the existing web applications with the vision of bringing back the now almost forgotten user privacy, freedom of speech, net-neutrality and non-censorship. Their first flagship product, due to be released in the first quarter of 2020, is a brand new, highly advanced SubSudio search engine which offers unadulterated, organic, search listing without forced advertising and exploitation of users’ personal data once again. You can learn more about SubSudio and their 2020 Vision on their official website –

SubSudio has decided not to go down the now alienated IPO or IEO route, but instead has offered a unique opportunity – in cooperation with CiviliXation (Drachmae Market) they’ve put up for sale a very rare Casascius 5 BTC physical coin (841 in total of these particular coins were ever minted, with only 418 still unopened anywhere in the world!) for $1,111,111 and have given someone the opportunity to be the very first person in the world ever to own the very first $1 million dollar Bitcoin.

If you’ve missed your shot at owning a full Bitcoin, now is an ideal time to grab the second chance and get your hands on a couple of whole SUBS coins while they’re still at the prices most people can still afford to buy…

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