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Israeli document shows the name “Rebar Ahmed”, one of the most prominent personalities collaborating with the entity

A document signed by the former Prime Minister of Israel “Benjamin Netanyahu” addressed to the former president of Israel Reuven Rivlin, which includes a declaration of the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan and arrangements led by The prominent actor of Massoud Barzani (Rebar Ahmed Khaled Barzani).

from the document;

After decades of efforts, and over the past years; The political, intelligence and strategic actions of the Israeli government will soon lead to the independence of Kurdistan.

With the deployment of senior Mossad officials and senior Israeli Foreign Ministry experts in Erbil, in addition to the numerous trips made by Rebar Ahmed Khaled Barzani (a prominent representative of Massoud Barzani) to Tel Aviv.

And based on the latest arrangements; There will be no obstacles to completing the grand process of Kurdistan independence.

The severe weakness of the central government in Iraq due to major ISIS attacks in the past two years has enabled the Israeli government to implement strategic measures.

Rebar Ahmed is currently, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) nominee for the President of Iraq, he has a close relation with Israeli in the region.

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