Is WoW Too Hard In 2023?

World of Warcraft is divisive in terms of whether it’s a hard game or not. There are tons of content for casual players and they are supposed to be happy with it, right? However, there are also the so-called high-end activities that are meant for hardcore gamers who are willing and able to spend many more hours per day in the game than an average person. Obviously, those hardcore gamers get some unique achievements and rewards that casual players can’t have and that creates the idea that those are the only goals worth working towards. Let’s see how this works in a bit more detail and take a look at what solutions there are to make the hardest content more accessible for casual players.

What high-end content is there in WoW?

It’s year 2023 and WoW’s 3 main staples are:

  1. Raiding
  2. Mythic Plus dungeons
  3. Arena

Not much has changed since 2016 when the Legion expansion was launched. It was then when we got our first Mythic Plus dungeons and since then the formula remains mostly unchanged. We would even say that M+ dungeons have overcome raiding in popularity among the player base. Anyway, regardless of which is the most popular right now, the trifecta looks this way. Now let’s discuss the state of each of these activities.

Is raiding hard in WoW?

Raiding is supposed to be hard by design. But believe us, the state that it is today is nowhere near its initial shape. At the dawn of WoW raids were deemed the ultimate test of a player’s skill. If we imagine a chart comparing the difficulty of raids and other activities in the Classic WoW, the distance between those two will be enormous. These days the difference is way less steep – but it doesn’t mean that raids are now as easy as anything else.

If you’ve played WoW lately, you know that raids now exist in the 4 difficulty modes:

  1. Raid Finder
  2. Normal
  3. Heroic
  4. Mythic

Naturally, Raid Finder is considered easy because it obviously is. It’s enough to have the bare minimum idea of what your class is and what your abilities do to successfully beat it – it’s comparable to hitting a dummy. The Normal mode takes more effort and you actually have to assemble a team manually to begin your run there. It’s not too hard but it’s at least some challenge and you won’t succeed there without at least somewhat decent gear and knowledge of tactics. The Heroic mode is the current standard of raid difficulty and it’s both challenging and accessible enough to be fun. And lastly, the Mythic mode is a real monster and will break bones of anyone daring to enter it who’s not hardcore enough. Like, you might be able to beat its first boss (first bosses are usually meant to be doable even in Mythic) but the things that will start after that might curb your enthusiasm. Also, just getting there is a challenge of its own: you need a really strong and dedicated team. And you won’t join one until you’re strong and dedicated yourself, which is not everyone’s choice of pace.

Are Mythic Plus dungeons hard?

Mythic Plus dungeons also have this gradual difficulty ascend. Mythic +2 is beatable by anyone who has just finished leveling up their first character in the game. But Mythic +20 is only for the strongest ones. You’re not obliged to get there: just choose the levels you’re currently comfortable with and stick to them for a while.

Is the arena hard in WoW?

The arena is hard. It has a more restricting meta and you have to be much more knowledgeable about the game to be successful there. The thing is, you can’t always predict what your opponent is going to do as all your opponents here are real people just like you. They play different classes with different specs, different gear, and different approaches. So you have to know a lot about the game’s classes to respond to what they do effectively. The arena is generally quite hard and the only thing that can make it easier are lower rating spans of the ladder. There are lots of less knowledgeable and skilled players there, so it’s easier to deal with them – but it’s not really the case when you’re new to the game.

Recently we’ve got the solo shuffle mode for the arena that makes it all a bit more accessible. You now don’t have to have a premade team to start your arena journey. You just queue up for it and get random teammates and opponents. The result is a somewhat chaotic but fun action comparable to what you see in team-based PvP games like MOBAs (LoL, DOTA) or shooters (Counter Strike, Valorant). Nevertheless, it takes lots of expertise to be really successful there too, so don’t expect it to be significantly easier than the regular arena.

How can I beat the hardest challenges in WoW?

Although the hardest challenges are not meant to be completed by casual players, there are ways to do it. The most popular one is boosting. You can just turn to professional players for help and complete a raid or dungeon without spending too much time in the game. After all, the games are about getting fun, right? If dealing with a Heroic raid is fun to you but you don’t have time to obtain powerful gear and learn to play the game like a pro, here’s your lucky ticket: just request a “carry”! Our shop ArmadaBoost offers lots of such services in the modern World of Warcraft. You can find carries for raids, Mythic Plus dungeons, and arena – and there are really lots of varieties of them, too. Check them out in our catalog by following this link to our official website:

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