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Is This Vegan Leather Company Designers or Scientists? With Asif Ali Gohar

When working with what is both a scientific advancement and has several different aspects, as well as creates a final product that is used in designing new clothing or other items it needs to be addressed from that side as well. To hire new people, is Asif Ali Gohar hiring scientists to improve and expand on his vegan leather products, or his he hiring designers to get the correct end product? Here, he shares his view on how he advertises open positions, how he chooses to fill them, and what title they work under within the company structure.

There are several rolls that need to be filled across the company. Those who work most directly with the product are the scientist and manufacturing developers who determine the best processes and procedures, and the designers who help adapt the material to be used most effectively and in the most applications. Making different types and styles is the most effective way to achieve the best of both, but to do so it is key that the two types of professionals work well together.

Advertising for scientists is necessary to fill the rolls of those who are perfecting the methods and working to preserve the environment by causing the least damage possible. It involves the processes, procedures, how much energy is used and how much raw ingredients is needed to create the most final product possible. Conservation scientists are especially well trained in this, and it is also necessary to have those who are familiar with the chemical reactions and designing the machines that will do the work. All of these need to work together, so for key interviews there may be high ranking employees present along with their manager to determine the fit between everyone. For these types of rolls, the correct education and experience is necessary.

When posting for jobs on the design side it is important to have good designers, but also to have them capable of understanding the limitations of the process. They will be designing not clothing, but patters, textures, styles, and working on what types of items can be made and how strong the leather must be. These employees make key decisions that will change the way that it is made and how the processes must be approached.

Discussing people within the company is a bit more straight forward. People work on the design team, on the manufacturing, research and development, marketing, and sales. Within these are smaller subgroups and jobs, and some will overlap with each other. Within the company and communications, people go simply by their name and include the part of the company that they are most involved in, or the team that they are a part of, so we know who is working on what project at any time. This reduces the confusion and means that no one needs to be labelled or referred to by their education or employment history, and has the freedom to learn other aspects as they go, evolving their own knowledge base and where they interact as well.

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