Is There a “Winning” Presidential Formula? – Nina Galy

Some people are born for leadership; their ability to direct and engage others to achieve a goal is an innate trait that they exhibit naturally in most areas of their lives from early on. These are the people whom others seek out for advice, or the ones who always seem to end up providing financial and emotional support for an entire household, even though they’re not the parents.

I recognize that I’m a born leader—and I believe my purpose is to serve as a never-ending source of joy, laughter, insightful discussion and, most importantly, an agent of progress. That’s why I’m confident in making a bold prediction 18 years in advance of the event: In the year 2040, I will run for the office of President of the United States. I will then be 48 years old, with more than enough life and economic experience, political savvy, and poise to legitimize my candidacy. My track record for success will have earned me the respect necessary to erase any doubts about my abilities in this regard.

Nina Galy

Nina Galy

Why wait until age 48? In 2022 it’s still challenging for a young Black female to enter politics. I’m hoping that, by delaying my bid until 2040, with a long list of achievements and in the prime of my life, my age will be something I can use to my advantage rather than a weakness for opponents to question. That’s why running even at age 35 wouldn’t be right for me.

In the meantime, I’m preparing for law school and studying for the LSAT. Given that 25 of the 44 presidents attended law school, this alone appears to be a significant advantage and is viewed by many as a qualifier for the nation’s top office. But even more striking is the fact that, among all 44 presidents, only one was unmarried: number 15, James Buchanan.

Does being married truly make a candidate more stable? Relatable? Mature? Thus far, the presence of a wedding ring appears to increase credibility substantially. And what about other “winning” characteristics? Do religion, sexuality, and even one’s family construct still carry as much weight today as education and experience? And will they matter as much nearly 20 years from now? Let’s talk about it. I believe there is a formula for winning the presidency—and over the next 18 years, I plan to master it.

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