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Is There a Way to Get Cash if My Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Is Still Pending

A motorcycle accident lawsuit can take weeks, months, or even years to settle. If you’re part of an accident, the medical bills, rent, mortgage, and other payments may pile up. You can’t afford to wait months to clear your payments, so you’ll need other resources to survive the pre-settlement period. A pre-settlement cash advance is one of the best solutions. You can also seek help from friends and family.

The Best Way To Get Cash for a Pending Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

A lawsuit settlement provides the deserved financial compensation after a motorcycle accident. The settlement process may drag out, especially if the defendant denies responsibility. You’ll need a lawyer and sufficient evidence to win the case.

The defendant will also hire a defense attorney to reduce the settlement. In most cases, the insurance company is involved, which can drag things even longer. The best way to get cash while waiting for your pending settlement is through a pre-settlement cash advance.

What Is a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance?

A pre-settlement cash advance is precisely what the name suggests: an advance on your pending settlement. If you have a compelling case, your lawyer can predict a win and convince cash advance providers to give you cash. The financer will review the case and work with your lawyer to determine the winning potential. If the financer believes your settlement is imminent, they can provide you with cash.

Every financer has a unique application, but the best companies use a simple process you can complete online. Once you fill out the application, the financer will review it and contact your lawyer. The funds are released to your account if they determine you’re an ideal candidate for a cash advance. You may receive your money on the same day you apply. Here are some benefits of getting a cash advance from a pre-settlement financer:

  • Quick Application: You can complete the application online within a few minutes.
  • Fast Approval: The application is reviewed immediately and approved within a few hours.
  • Fewer Restrictions: You can spend the funds on medical bills, food, rent, and other expenses.
  • Risk-Free: If you don’t receive a settlement, the financer can’t charge you for anything.

How Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Works

A pre-settlement cash advance is risk-free funding for people with a compelling settlement case. You should call your personal injury lawyer if you’re part of a motorcycle accident. A lawyer can help compile a strong motorcycle accident lawsuit. The defendant (person liable for the accident) is required to compensate you for various damages. You can receive a settlement for medical bills, property loss/damages, and loss of income.

Some cases are settled without going to court, while others go to trial and drag out for several months. If your case takes longer to settle, you may face a financial crisis. A pre-settlement cash advance reviews your case and determines the likelihood of you getting a settlement. If your chances of receiving compensation are high, the financer can offer you a given lump sum. You can use the money in any way you need during this challenging period.

After settlement, the financer will recoup the cash advance plus any other fees included in the stipulation. Your attorney can help you review the terms to determine how much you’ll pay back for the cash advance. Leading pre-settlement cash advance providers don’t have a repayment term, so it doesn’t matter if the case takes years. If your case isn’t settled, the financer can’t claim their advance back. You only pay back after settlement.

Other Ways To Get Cash

A pre-settlement cash advance is the best solution for motorcycle accident cases. The option also works for other personal injury lawsuits, including motor vehicle accidents. You can ask for financial help from a friend, family member, or workmate, but such sources come with no guarantees. The case may also take several months, and you might be out of work for a long time if you suffered serious injuries.

Another option is to seek financial support from a charity, but even this has no guarantees. You can check your healthcare insurance coverage to determine whether it can pay some medical bills. A settlement loan may also be viable, but you must repay the funds plus interest within a specified term. The only good option with zero risks is a pre-settlement cash advance because the financers base it on your case’s strength.

Get a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Today

Dealing with a motorcycle accident lawsuit is overwhelming, especially when recovering from personal injuries. You can apply for a pre-settlement cash advance to help you get through this trying period while you wait for settlement. Find financers specializing in offering funds to motorcycle and car accident lawsuit plaintiffs.

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