Is there a maximum life expectancy for composite decking?

composite decking

One of the most essential decisions you will have to make regarding your outdoor living space is the kind of decking you will select. This holds true whether you are a professional, a DIYer, or a homeowner. Although treated lumber is often used for deck framing, the surface is the component that will be exposed to the most wear and strain.

We’ll take a close look at the differences and similarities between traditional wood decking and composite decking since durability is so crucial.

How long do composite decks normally last?

Composite decking outperforms typical pressure-treated wood in terms of durability. In general, the lifetime of wood decking may vary from 10 to twenty years; however, to achieve that durability, you must follow a care programme. Composite decking, on the other hand, often lasts 25 years or more and takes just a fraction of the upkeep that wood decking does.

Traditional wood decking needs more upkeep than composite decking.
In terms of maintenance, normal maintenance of conventional wood decking may be rather costly and has a direct impact on the boards’ longevity if not done properly.

Sanding and adding sealer to wood decking at regular intervals of a few years is required to keep it from degrading. All you have to do to maintain composite decking is power wash it once a year. The use of composite decking will not only make your outdoor living space more durable, but it will also save you time and money during its lifespan.

An illustration of a deck built using Superdeck composite decking.

Moisture Resistant Decking
Water may play a substantial impact in a deck’s degeneration over time. When enough moisture is placed into wood deck boards, they expand, which is one of the main reasons for this phenomena. As soon as the expansion starts, cracks will emerge in the wooden deck boards, causing structural damage to the deck.

Because water and moisture pose such a danger to the lifetime of standard hardwood decking, sealer should be sprayed once or twice each year. Wood decking may distort and decay if sealant is not applied consistently.

What’s the difference between wood and composite decking?
Composite decking is far more resistant to water and damp than conventional decking. In reality, the Compress TechnologyTM utilised in our composite deck boards enables the establishment of a strong bond between the core and the top. You will not be concerned with the difficulties of applying sealer or the bother of thinking about moisture penetration.

How Does Splintering Affect Deck Durability?
The ordinary wood decking material will ultimately splinter, which is simply a matter of time. Furthermore, anytime there is a crack or splinter, moisture may enter the material. Furthermore, splinters may make walking barefoot on a deck more unsafe, and they might accumulate to the point where certain boards must be removed and replaced.

Given that composite decking is constructed of wood fibres encapsulated in polymer, the probability of splinters emerging is much decreased. Composite decking may be relied on owing to its splinter-resistant nature and long-lasting durability. It will provide you the peace of mind that you need when you use it for an outdoor living project since you will know that it will stand the test of time.

Termites may cause damage to both wood and composite decking materials.
Termites are another key aspect to consider when determining the lifetime of wood decking. Painting and/or sealing the decking on a regular basis may help slow down termites after they have entered; but, the damage they do is frequently severe over time. To prevent termite colonies from spreading inside the home, professional exterminators must remove them from the deck.

Composite decking is not only more durable than wood, but it is also termite-resistant. Although termites may sometimes destroy composite decking, they will almost always prefer actual wood. The reason for this is that conventional wood contains cellulose, which termites seek, but composite decking has not.

Superdeck Composite Decking allows you to construct long-lasting outdoor living areas.
Choose Superdeck if you want composite decking that not only looks great but is also durable and long-lasting. Our products retain the warmth and appeal of real hardwoods, yet they need less maintenance. For more information on how Superdeck Composite Decking may help you fulfil your goal of having the perfect deck, please submit a quote request right now.

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