Is The QQS Metaverse (QQT) Worth Investing In?

QQS is a metaverse-related project planned to be a one-stop for all things earning, shopping, content creation and consumption, socializing, and more. Apart from being a virtual world that users can participate in and build a life around, it also promises high earning power for all its users.

QQS is currently in the process of wrapping up its presale phase which ends in mid-July, where buyers can buy their main QQT token at a discounted price. The daily allocated presale tokens have been selling out within minutes daily, and many have even speculated that the launch price will be about 300% of this presale price!

The project aims to launch on PancakeSwap on 17th July 2022, with the dApp going live on 18th July 2022.

So what’s with the hype about the QQS Metaverse, and is it worth your time and more importantly, funds?

QQS is built on a strong proposition, building on the popularity of the Metaverse these days (which was accelerated especially when Facebook rebranded itself as Meta) and being able to differentiate itself from other Metaverse projects through its offerings.

With a one-of-a-kind Burn-To-Earn concept, 100% of QQT sold is burnt – even during the presale. This means that the supply of QQT will reduce as more people buy it, and the token price will increase over time. QQT would definitely be a good token to buy and hold in this season of uncertainty to get the best gains. QQT holders also get a daily emission payout, giving holders a form of passive income, which would definitely be a plus for being part of the QQS Club.

One of the most exciting releases that QQS has announced though, has to be their QQ Card which is likely to be compatible with Visa and UnionPay. This offers lifelong rebates for holders through emissions as a reward for spending; holders can earn up to 15.75% rebate on their spending on the card, which is much higher than most cards you see in the market today.

QQS also has referral programs that can allow users to earn from unlimited levels, which is already a plus in itself. This offers holders an even higher level of passive income earning for each friend they refer to join the community.

Is there anything else you should consider before investing in QQS?

One last thing to consider though is your financial situation – the golden rule of cryptocurrency investments is to only invest what you can afford to lose. While projects like QQS are definitely promising, the priority should always be to first build financial stability in the long term before using the leftover to invest and grow where possible. Items like paying down debt or building an emergency fund will be more important than any cryptocurrency investment!

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