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Is the Music Industry Right for You? Find Out Now

The music industry is a massive industry that is hard to quantify. The music itself is an extension of what it means to be human and every culture, people, tongue, and ethnicity have some kind of special relationship to this deeply human experience. What’s more, is that the biggest names in music throughout history have come from the most diverse backgrounds. From inner cities to church choirs, the largest names and the most influential singer and musicians have spanned from all walks of life across the globe.

When it comes to the music industry, there are always going to be hopefuls that are steadily treading along pursuing their dreams in hopes of ‘making it’ one day. For the person who resonates with the desire to go into the music industry, no other lifestyle can compare. This, for some, becomes the drive to drop out of college, work in flexible jobs, and make ends meet all for the chance of pursuing their dream of being an artist.

While this is perhaps what most people think of when they hear that someone is pursuing the music industry, the truth is that as an industry there are several ways that a person can get involved. For example, agents, sound engineers, technicians, and producers make up a huge bulk of the music industry along with the singers and musicians that are more commonly thought of. Companies that offer things like music video distribution and social media managers are all part of this incredible, diverse, and massive industry.

But here’s the real question that every could-be-artist-hopeful asks themselves at one point or another – is this the right industry for me? 

The simple truth is that we wouldn’t have some of the most iconic songs in human history if the people that wrote and performed them never took that initial step of courage and faith. However, the industry itself is a hard place to not only break through but more than that be successful. Another important factor that many hopeful artists take into consideration, is that maybe they don’t need to be in the music industry to make their dreams happen – if what they care about is creating art more than seeing a massive fan base.

With so much technology and so many convenient services, it’s easier than ever for up-and-coming artists to record their own music and release it onto platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, without ever ‘pursuing’ the career of music. But for those who are wondering if the music industry itself is a good direction for their life – here are some factors to take into consideration. 

1. Consider the Cost

Very rarely does success ever come without a cost. For those who make it in the music industry, it’s not unusual for this kind of career to take on much more of a lifestyle quality than that of a job. The advantage to working a 9-5 is that you can leave work at work. For artists, whether it’s the independent artist that is hustling to get attention and grow their fanbase, or the established artists filling out stadiums, this line of work is hard to separate from other parts of life. 

Not only that, but trying to break into the music industry could represent potentially years of hustling to make your dreams happen. While there are certain jobs that lend themselves to keeping you at a capacity where you have the time and energy to invest in your musical career, this is often hard. For people who want to take the music industry seriously, having a career outside of their music can be incredibly difficult. 

2. There Can be a Lack of Boundaries

As a creative, you are always open to creativity and it can be hard to find boundaries between yourself and your passion. In the music industry, this can be especially true if you find that you have trouble separating yourself from your passion. This can be even more accentuated when you have to work outside of the music industry to pay bills. What little time you aren’t spending working to make money or devoting to your passion, you’ll have to learn to steward well so you avoid burnout. 


Overall, breaking into the music industry is very hard, but it’s not impossible. It takes a lot of commitment, long-term planning, and courage to make this kind of dream happen. If you feel like you’ve got what it takes, and you’re brave enough to try, it’s a great industry to pursue! 

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