Is Technology Transforming Present Business Models or Adding an Online Layer? Insights by Peter Decaprio

Peter Decaprio

We reside in a world where the technology giants dominate. You will come across new IPOs each month says Peter Decaprio. Even the stocks are attaining its highs. Also, the apps we have are increasing tremendously. Every business depends on the technology to provide the products and services to consumers. Technology is the standard.

The growth in technology adoption by most companies globally has made the historical classification lines vague about the companies and the industries in which they belong. A few decades ago, the associations were simpler. If a company makes toys, it’s a toy company. However, brands like Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook are complex to outline depending on the products it sells.

Making use of technology for things that matter most

Assessing on the future and evolution of the business is essential. However, assessing technology investment for getting there is essential. According to Peter DeCaprio, there is no need to say whether you are a technology company. However, you need to assess whether to use technology to become your best version. Companies need to look as to what they want to do. That doesn’t indicate what you are selling. It might harp on the experience which you are addressing. You need to accept technology for innovation and for being as effective as a brand you wish to be.

Improved customer experience, talent attraction, increased margins, brand awareness, loyal customers, quicker product cycles – you can attain it all through customers. Moreover, accepting technology and applying to every aspect of the enterprise will enable organizations to grow quicker and become increasingly successful.

By using technology, companies can change the lives of their customers and also make sure they have business success. In such a situation, it’s valid for a company to call it a technology-based company. It hardly matters whether you are selling original software and are building cars. If the technology is available in all aspects of your business, it’s a tech-based company.

Organizations will keep evolving

The organizations that commenced a business a few decades back get easily outlined. However, The world used to be different and easier. That doesn’t indicate that these organized companies can’t be classified or viewed as tech companies today says Peter DeCaprio. Their primary concentration and how they manage business challenges are more essential to know what they are.

According to business experts, it’s also possible to look at companies from any industry vertical, customer segment or geography – most of them are depending on technology foe becoming successful. And this technology could indicate various things, such as the ERP module for operating financial procedures a presence of social media platforms and apps where the customers purchase their products.

Today, most new-age companies are making the most of technology to stay competitive. It has become norm instead of being the exception. Also staying in line with this technological evolution of the organizations, the definitions that we might use can also start changing. The singular definitions might be a thing of the past as the companies take up more hybrid definitions of the businesses. So, one can certainly tell that the upcoming technology-based company, new or old, is certainly around the corner.


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