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Is Pinterest Still a Good Marketing Channel for ECommerce in 2022?

Many businesses use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or LinkedIn to connect with their audiences. It is a big mistake that Pinterest isn’t a big deal regarding e-Commerce. Did you know that if you have the right tactics, they can lead to incredible results? 

This social media platform provides the fantastic potential to strengthen your marketing plan, increase brand recognition, and reach a wider audience. Being more like a search engine than a social media site, Pinterest is distinctive. This means that, in contrast to those other social media channels, Pinterest can help you draw a much more steady audience.

Using Pinterest for eCommerce in your business has a variety of unique benefits. When you do it effectively, it could drive traffic to your website, and You can promote your content on this platform in different ways.

Let’s start by knowing what Pinterest is all about for eCommerce.

Is Pinterest Still a Good Platform for ECommerce in 2022?

You might be wondering if Pinterest is still relevant for marketing.

One of the best platforms to sell your goods is Pinterest, which has approximately 459 million active users. Users continue to enjoy Pinterest for its visual appeal and engaging content. You need to know about Pinterest strategy regarding how to create stunning pins and connect to your audience. 

In a Cowen and Company survey, 47% of social media users indicated Pinterest as the site where they found and shopped for things, which is more than three times the percentage who mentioned Facebook or Instagram. If you prospect these users as your target market, reaching out to them through Pinterest can significantly increase your sales. 

Ecommerce businesses can quickly build a product catalog, post shoppable pins, and advertise to get more people to see new products. Pinners use this site to discover new concepts, make purchasing decisions, and shop. Ensure that your e-commerce business is on the right track at the right time.

Also, Pinterest teamed up with Shopify. As a result, you can sell goods straight from your store in your postings on the site. This implies that customers can find your items on Pinterest, click them, and be immediately directed to something like a checkout page.

The benefits of using Pinterest for E-commerce

1. Discover new trends and things your audience love

The most popular forum for customers to share the goods, designs, and trends they’re into is Pinterest. It would be ideal if you maintained a strong presence on Pinterest to ensure your business is on the edge of new trends in your industry.

In addition to following influencers in your sector on the platform to discover new trends, Pinterest frequently compiles popular content categories for users by using their current searches. In that way, content is curated based on the user’s preference. 

As a marketer, you can look over these search suggestions to determine which goods or services you should highlight or introduce to your customers. 

What does this mean for Pinterest search optimization?

The trick is you can connect your keyword usage to what your targeted audience wants to look at and read while still being related to your business and its offerings.


2. Boost online traffic

Another pinterest tip you can find is you can add your verified website address to your Pinterest business profile.  This is a fantastic way to immediately direct website visitors from your Pinterest profile.

Additionally, if you have a business account, you may access “rich pins,” a sort of Pin that provides more details about your landing page than a standard pin. For product pins, these details comprise the price and other product specifications.

Before a user saves or clicks on it, pins like this provide extra details about your sound, service, or blog post. Getting consumers’ attention can increase traffic and clicks.


3. More browsers become buyers

The distance separating discovery and conversion is shorter on Pinterest than on most social media networks. This demonstrates that Pinterest has a greater conversion of visitors into leads when compared to other social media sites.

Pinterest is a helpful resource for getting customers to buy things. Pinterest recommendations have significantly impacted sales.

4. Contrary to Facebook Posts or Tweets, Pins Get a Longer Life

The increased chances for content discovery that Pinterest offers its users raise the lifetime pin value. 

According to the Refinery, here is the statistics on how a social media post is relevant:

  • Twitter 18 minutes
  • Instagram 48 hours
  • Facebook 6 hours
  • Pinterest  4 months

Compared to Facebook and Twitter updates, pins are much easier to find. You can see them in your homepage “feed,” but you can also find them in search results and user-created message boards. Just one Pin might result in months’ worth of continuous exposure for anything you add to Pinterest.

How to set up a Pinterest account for your business

Are you unsure of how it will benefit your e-commerce business? You will easily be able to develop your Pinterest strategy right away. Here are the pinterest tips on how you can use pinterest for e-commerce. 

Step 1: Click “Join as a Business” on the Pinterest for Business website

Then provide information about your company and the account manager. After that, simply read and agree to Pinterest’s Terms of Service, then click Create Account. After taking these steps, you will now have access to all the features of Pinterest for your Business profile, including Pinterest Analytics and Ads. You are now prepared to begin pinning.

Step 2: Know the fundamentals of pinterest for e-commerce

Pinterest has four essential components—search, Pinterest’s feed, pins, and boards—to make up its winning recipe for enticing users to devote their hours on the app. When a user enters a search term. It functions similar to Google search. Pinterest returns the most relevant results. By displaying suggested keyword search results, Pinterest will assist in narrowing your search.

The Pins that the individuals have saved, boards, and subjects you have chosen to follow are displayed in your home feed. Users of Pinterest can find inspiration from the most well-liked Pins and trending issues in the explore feed. You ‘follow’ accounts, topics, and boards in the following feed.

Step 3: Know the different Pinterest ads you can make

  • Standard Pin

You can display services and goods using the Standard Pin format in either vertical or square picture or video formats.

  • Carousel Ads

Users can swipe through numerous pictures or videos, known as the card in a single Pin. You can add 2 to 5 cards to Carousel advertising, which are available for both desktop and mobile.

  • Video Pin Ads

You can share more vital messages that may be shared with your audience via video pin advertising, and they also work well to keep viewers’ attention.

  • Shopping Pins

With the help of Pinterest’s Shopping Pins, you can upload items and create Pins that target customers who are considering making a purchase.

  • App Install Pins

You can also use action-oriented advertisements called App Install Pins that can be used to promote app downloads.

Step 4: Choosing Your Target Market

In an article by, 200M people use Pinterest every month, 80% use the Pinterest mobile app, and 89% of pinners use the site to shop for upcoming purchases, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

You should intentionally consider your target market when creating Pinterest ads. Choose users likely to want and buy your products as your target audience. Target people based on website traffic, a client database you upload, and an audience that interacted with pins from your domain.

Tips for creating successful pins

Here’s how to make great Pinterest ads:

Ad Tip 1: Create stunning Images

Your advertisements should be stunning, engaging, and scroll-stopping. Make sure to use vertical, high-resolution photographs to give your Pins an edge, among others.

If you want to remove unnecessary backgrounds from your photos, remove bg can help you with that without manually erasing pictures. In just one click, you can automatically produce incredible images. You can also read and learn about Social media tools you’ll need for your business to make your workflow easier. 

Ad Tip 2: Be Sure to Brand Your Pins Properly.

When creating your Pinterest Pins, make sure your brand is obvious. Include your company’s colors, logo, or motto.

In order for everybody who sees your Pins to understand what your business is about, your logo should accurately capture its spirit. Your brand will constantly present a premium image that connects with potential customers on a deep, meaningful level.

Ad Tip 3: Put a call to action 

Although visitors may think your Pin is impressive, they might not know what you want them to do once they have seen it. So, be sure to include a call to action with each Pin.

Even if the URL is already in the image itself, include it in the Pin’s description. With this simple addition, your traffic can increase considerably, increasing conversions.

You can also include CTAs like:

To discover more, go here.

Visit this page to learn more.


Strategies for driving traffic to your pins

1. Do Keyword Search for Pinterest

If you have studied the basic concepts of Google SEO, you may already be familiar with the term “keyword research,” which is the process of finding common search terms users enter into search engines and purposefully incorporating them into your content in order to have it rank higher on search results pages.

2. Your Pin titles and Board Title descriptions should contain keywords.

It’s time to start writing Pin descriptions and titles after you’ve entered a few well-known keywords in your niche so that they may be seen when people search for such phrases.

3. Provoke Curiosity

With only a little information, you can elicit that emotion. Once someone has some knowledge, they will desire to learn more and fill in the gaps. Strive to spark their curiosity and interest by providing readers with some interesting information in your headline. 

The future of Pinterest and its impact on eCommerce

Pinterest is on its way to making a dramatic move toward becoming more of an e-commerce platform rather than a visual search engine. Integration, optimized search, business growth, and the purchasing experience are all made easier with Pinterest! Some new features that Pinterest incorporated might help all users have the most significant possible platform experience, and it affects their buying decisions. You just need to work out your pinterest strategy by applying what you have learned. 

Pinterest significantly helps you in creating brand identification and exposure. It also enables you to establish relationships with your customers and gain their trust. Customers can now share your products, grow your audience, and engage with your company in new ways through Pinterest. The social networking platform’s potential for revenue will keep growing with Pinterest’s e-commerce feature.

Seeing how Pinterest can help you grow in your business, are you now prepared to begin choosing Pinterest as a platform? Try and see what pinterest for e-commerce can do for you. 

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